10 Awesome Topics The Big Bang Theory Cast Has Done Since The Show

The Big Bang Theory had (and still has) a cult following, with a whole nerd culture arising from the geeks who demonstrate that nerdiness can be cool and that popularity can be overrated at times.

10. Jim Parsons continues to take on new roles.

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Who on the show was more adored than dear, eccentric, and socially awkward Sheldon? Sheldon could dismantle a particle accelerator but couldn’t do mundane tasks like shifting a car into the proper gear. Young Sheldon, a prequel to the show, features Sheldon as the adult voiceover.

9. Determination Pays Off, by John Ross Bowie


John Ross Bowie played Sheldon and Lenon’s colleague, Barry Kripke, in the popular sitcom. John also saw the end of another sitcom he was in, Speechless, when The Big Bang Theory ended.

8. Onscreen favorite Kaley Cuoco is still going strong.

Kaley Cuoco

Penny was the nerdy Big Bang Theory gang’s sweetheart. She brought something new to the show with her blonde hair and ‘fun streak.’ She has been cast as Cassie Bowder, a crew member of the team in The Flight Attendant, and has been chosen as the voice of Harley Quinn, a new animated series.

7. Onwards to Great Things, Melissa Rauch!

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Remember Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, Howard’s obnoxious wife? Since the show’s end, she has appeared in The Laundromat alongside Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman. Ode To Joy was also a film in which she appeared.

6. Into the Director’s Chair, Mayim Bialik

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This gifted performer has expanded her passion for the stage to include new aspects of acting. She is now in charge of As Sick As They Made Us, which she is directing. Everything she says is based on her personal experiences! This will undoubtedly go off with a bang!

5. Familiar Liaisons, Kunal Nayyar

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Who can forget Rajesh Koothrappali, the zealous, only every member of the nerd gang who made The Big Bang Theory’s audience laugh so hard? As the voice of Guy Diamond on the Trolls World Tour, he has brought his glittery personality to the show.

4. Simon Helberg Takes On The Role Of Conductor

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Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer and a “mommy’s boy,” has been cast in the film As Sick As They Made Us. He also starred in Annette as The Conductor, a romantic comedy about a comic and a fantastic singer.

3. Johnny Galecki is a father now.

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Leonard Hofstadter was also a fan fave, and Johnny Galecki did an excellent job portraying the nerdy geek. He played Henry in A Dog’s Journey, a touching canine masterpiece he starred in. He is also a father now, as he and his girlfriend Alaina Meyer are expecting their first child.

2. The Adventure Continues, Wil Wheaton.


Wil Wheaton’s career has been quite the adventure. The talented actor who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation continues to work in action films. Since then, he’s been a part of the video game adventure Max Reload And The Nether Blasters. He co-starred in it with Kevin Smith, another nerd culture icon.

1. Laura Spencer is a talented writer.


In The Big Bang Theory, Laura played Emily Sweeney. Emily was a former girlfriend of Raj. She’s continued to appear in sitcoms, including getting Shorty, Matt, and Dan. She’s also tried her hand at writing, co-writing, and starring in the film Likeness. She has also been cast in the film Thirteen Minutes.

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