10 Best Chandler Joey Moments That Made Bromance Look Better Than Romance

In Friends, You might love some characters and hate some too. But, the one thing which everyone is ought to love and like, is the friendship of Chandler and Joey. Through their brotherhood, they have always portrayed that it is not necessary to be roommates forever, to do everything together. What really matters is how much you know each other and the rapport you share. One of my favorite Chan and Joe moments is when they had their own little family with the chick and the duck. Do you guys admire the fact that Chandler took care of Joey like his own kid? Well, I sure do!
“One million memories. Ten thousand jokes.
One hundred shared secrets. One reason: Best friends.”

The one with the bracelet.

In the 14th episode of the second season, Joey bought a bracelet that had “best buds” embellished on it for Chandler. He wanted Chandler to know how much he meant to him. But Chandler found the bracelet quite embarrassing and was grumbling to Phoebe about how the bracelet was a “women repellent”. Joey who walked into the coffee house happened to encounter this and was heartbroken after hearing how Chandler really felt about the gift. Then while apologizing to Joey for demeaning his gift he lost it. He felt terrible and went and bought a new pair but to his shock, he finds the old one back and then gifts the new one to Joey and that is how they became “bracelet buddies”.

The one where Joey moves out.

Did you too think that the bond that Chandler and Joey shared was merely because they were roommates? Well, some of my friends did. So there was an episode where Joey explains to Chandler how he is old enough to start living alone and should consider buying the apartment they visited previously. This makes Chandler uncomfortable as he was never prepared for something like this. I mean Joey talking like a grown-up, who is ever prepared for that? Eventually, they get into a fight and Joey does move out but they both don’t feel content with this. It is after Joey meets Chandler’s new roommate that he realizes he wasn’t ready for this and that he does miss his “best roommate ever”.

The one where the weirdo won’t leave.

Remember Eddie? The weird roommate who won’t move out? When nothing worked, Chandler turned to Joey and asked him to move back and that’s how they were back to being roommates! Can we all agree how cute that moment was when Joey got jealous of Chandler getting so close with Eddie! Absolute friendship goals!!

The one where they prove they share brain cells.

I am trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre! Does it ring any bells? Initially, Monica attends the call from Chandler but doesn’t understand a word that he said in his own queer way. Then he asks her to put Joey on the phone and without wasting time he understands every word Chandler said. Now that my friend is called sharing brain cells which I believe we all do with our #BFFS.

The one where they babysit Ben.

The way Chandler and Joey understood each other and knew how the other one is going to react was just mind-blowing. I, for once think that the episode where they forget about Ben and left him on the bus was chuckle-some. None of this duo’s episodes is left as not being funny.

The one where Joey dove in front of Ross.

Let’s go back to the episode where Phoebe’s boyfriend, Gary took Ross, Joey, and Chandler on a night ride. An iconic scene happened that night which tells us how Joey could even die for his sandwiches. Yes, that’s right! He didn’t make that dive to save Ross; he did that to save his sandwich. The friendship was so thick that Chandler could not resist feeling jealous of the fact that Joey chose Ross over him. But later he realized the fact that Joey’s loyalty lied with the sandwich and not with Ross. Anyways, it shows how badly Chandler needed Joey in his life.

The one where Joey was so generous.

It is impressive how Joey acted maturely when he didn’t let Kathy destroy the bond he had with Chandler and also let him have Kathy. This isn’t the first time where Joey was the one who gave up. Actually, in this scene, I love how they both equally sacrificed for each other so that they don’t lose their best friend.

The one where Chandler moved to Tulsa.

This episode is one of the best examples of how Chandler and Joey share a relationship of more than just friends. Their phone conversation when Chandler reaches the airport is the sweetest moment of their bromance. It’s a perfect example of how their Bromance was above Romance.

The one where Chandler and Monica buy a new house.

Did you or did you not cry after watching the scene where you got to know Chandler and Monica were secretly planning to keep Joey with them forever. Hell yaa!! I did. This does not just show how close Chandler and Joey are but also shows how close their trio was (Chandler, Monica, and Joey).
After this, they weren’t just friends but became a family.

The one with the wishbone.

Do you guys believe in the lottery? I don’t. But, the six of them sure did. Yes, I am talking about the scene where they all bought lottery tickets, and am I missing out on something? Yes, of course. The wish-bone. Recollect the time when Joey didn’t wish for them to win the lottery but wished for Chandler to get the advertisement job. That was a sentimental scene.
I am afraid, Monica is not reading this or she will rip Joey’s heart out!


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