10 Mistakes In ‘Friends’ That Fans Failed to Notice

Friends has one of the best storylines. Start watching it, it gets difficult with every passing episode to stop watching it. There are some continuity errors that most fans fail to pick. Here are some of them!

“The Last One” (season 10, episode 18)

Let’s start at the end with Phoebe and Ross’ (Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer) climactic rush to the airport in the series finale to catch Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). When the episode cuts to Rachel at Newark Airport, some extras standing behind them at JFK (note the headscarf) also appear behind her. If only Phoebe and Ross had been able to teleport that quickly.

“The Bridesmaid with the Most Wedding Dresses” (season 4, episode 20)

The writing on Chandler’s (Matthew Perry) and Joey’s (Matthew LeBlanc) Magna Doodle changes between cuts, possibly to reflect what politeness prevents them from telling Ross.

“Venezuela’s One” (season 5, episode 23)

Perhaps the editor of this episode was a master of irony: Joey points to Chandler with his left hand as he tells him about his “hand twin,” which switches to his right hand in the next shot.

George Stephanopoulos directs the film “The One With George Stephanopoulos” (season 1, episode 4)

Ross, Chandler, and Joey go to a hockey game in this first episode. Where Ross wears a foam finger that later vanishes. That’s unfortunate for Ross because the finger could have protected him from the puck’s blow later in the episode.

“The One Where Ross Finds Out” (season 2, episode 7)

Rachel’s necklace appears and disappears across cuts as she learns that Ross and his girlfriend Julie (Lauren Tom) are getting a cat together. This could have been meant to represent Rachel’s internal turmoil as she struggled to suppress her feelings for Ross. (However, this is unlikely.)

“The One With Rachel’s Date” (season 8, episode 5)

The dangers of our transition to widescreen televisions, oh, the dangers of our change to widescreen televisions. Oh, the dangers The frame’s edges, which were cropped out when Friends first aired, reveal Courteney Cox’s stand-in.

“The One With the Mugging” (season 9, episode 15)

In this episode, Joey’s hands change from bottles to cans, which is riddled with errors. (He needed something to drink for an audition, so he raided Chandler and Monica’s place.) Joey might have been a budding magician all along.

“The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss” (season 5, episode 17)

When it takes Ross to open his door, his purple button-up shirt transforms into a black zip-up top. Adding to the Joey the Magician theory.

“The Red Sweater Guy” (season 8, episode 2)

The gift is wrapped again in a later shot after Monica (Cox) unwraps one of her wedding presents. As if it’s trying to avoid being opened without Chandler present. She does, however, open all of the gifts without him. 

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