10 Funny Dialogues From “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” That Can Serve As Epic Comebacks In Your Daily Life

1. Let’s start with the mornings when you’re really trying hard to hold it, but someone asks, “How you doin’?”

sub-buzz-8553-1637041514-8.jpg (540×304)

2. When your younger sibling throws a fit for the infamous case of the missing chocolate.

sub-buzz-8565-1637041680-3.jpg (700×390)

3. And for all those times when you are lectured on “avoiding junk food”.

sub-buzz-8477-1637041810-41.jpg (540×270)

4. When someone says that “forgetting your friend’s pet’s birthday isn’t that big of a deal”.

sub-buzz-9655-1637042392-7.jpg (500×281)

5. When your friend responds to your favourite on-loop playlist with an eye roll.

sub-buzz-9765-1637042624-20.jpg (600×342)

6. Every time someone utters the words, “I think you should change…”.

sub-buzz-9992-1637059700-20.jpg (600×338)

7. When your best friend sobs and says, “I should’ve taken your advice”.

sub-buzz-9894-1637059776-7.jpg (540×306)

8. And while you are consoling your girlfriend after her 100th breakup with the same guy.

sub-buzz-11164-1637126559-18.jpg (540×280)

9. When you are ready to rock it in your kickass #OOTD.

sub-buzz-10021-1637060063-1.jpg (600×332)

10. Whenever someone questions your ability to do any damn thing.


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