10 Most Wholesome Bromance Moments In Friends

The friendship between Ross, Chandler, and Joey often resulted in some of the most wholesome and sweet bromance scenes in Friends.

Joey Asks Chandler To Attend His Movie Premiere

Joey was able to bring one friend to the premiere of the film and chose Chandler, with the two having a touching moment as Chandler tells Joey how proud he is of him. This would be far higher on the list had Chandler not ruined it by falling asleep in the middle of the movie.

Taking A Nap

Played as though the two were in a relationship, the story was lighthearted, and seeing the two finally give in and nap with one another on Joey’s couch was sweet and also funny with everyone watching on.

The Joey Room

Another one that would be higher if not for the aftermath, Joey’s whole attitude towards Chandler and Monica moving may have been a bit childish, but it was still sweet how much he cared for the two.

Chandler Comforts Joey Over The Phone

When Chandler does leave for Tulsa, Joey phones him while he is at the airport, making him promise to call him when he lands and hogging the phone from Monica. The reveal that Chandler was talking to Joey and not Monica was hilarious, and while it was once again a child-like from Joey, it was still quite adorable from the pair.

Ross Gets Chandler Down The Aisle

The two do not share Joey and Chandler’s levels of emotional intimacy throughout the episode where Ross tries to get Chandler up the aisle. But, just the whole idea of Ross helping Chandler in every way he can and keeping his emotions in check, for the most part, considering Chandler is marrying his sister, is amazing and is one of the nicest things Ross does in the entire show.

Joey Lets Chandler Out Of The Box

The worst of which was kissing Joey’s girlfriend Kathy, resulting in him spending Thanksgiving in a box to make it up to his friend.When the two make up and hug, it is incredibly touching, and the moment was a prime example of how great of a friend Joey is.

Co-Parenting The Chick & The Duck

There are some great moments shared between Joey and Chandler and the Chick and Duck, from their bathing the duck to the actual adoption of the pets itself. The adopted child-like pets only further the bromance between the two.

Ross Chooses Co-Best Men

In another touching Duck and Chick moment, when the Duck is at the vet after eating Ross’ wedding ring, with Joey worried sick, Ross tells Chandler and Joey he wants them both to be the best man at his wedding, a moment that leads to all three of them sharing a tear.

The Last One

Off the bat, the two have one last foosball game and say goodbye to the iconic table. Perhaps the most wholesome moment from the two in the finale is one of their best, most touching hugs as they transition from lame cool guy handshake to heartfelt hug that signifies a true end of an era for the pair.

Joey Moves Out & Back In

When he does pack up his stuff and leave, he comes back and hugs Chandler from behind, which is one of their most tear-inducing moments together. A few episodes later, though, the two are hugging because, thankfully, Joey has returned home. These two moments are a pair of the best for the two characters, and they show off the range of emotions Friends is capable of when using its best bromance.

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