10 Quotes by Emma Watson Prove that She is Real Life Hermione Granger

They both have extreme views.

When Emma Watson was younger, she said that: “I’ll do what I want to do. I’m going to be myself. Find out what that is.” It’s possible that JK Rowling could have written these words for Hermione, and they would have fit in perfectly. Hermione started SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare), and she helped Dumbledore build his army. Hermione doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

They are the happiest when they talk about books.

“It sounds so geeky, but I really enjoy studying and reading, and if I’m not working on “Harry Potter,” then my favorite thing to do is to read a book. For the same reason that Hermione loves books, Emma has a book club on Goodreads where she shares excellent feminist books and encourages other members to read them, too. Her site section has become a perfect place for people to talk about books, following Emma’s advice and talking about them. What more can we say?

It doesn’t stop them.

“I reflect I’ve earned the right to make mistakes a few times now that I’ve done them. I don’t want to be afraid of failing to stop me from doing what I want to do, so I don’t do it.” Hermione is also brave confident, and always puts herself out there to protect what she cares about. Emma would have to be a Gryffindor, doesn’t she?

They have their ideas.

Make sure you don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else thinks they do. Emma thinks that you should never follow the crowd, no matter what. This sounds a lot like Hermione. She always stands by her beliefs and won’t change her mind, even if she thinks something is wrong. Even though she thought Divination was stupid, she didn’t fall in love with Firenze the centaur, and she stopped Fred and George from playing tricks on First Years in the Gryffindor standard room.

As kids, they were a little bit bossy.

“I was very excited. I was very eager to please and be nice. I’ve always been a little bossy.” While at school, Emma sounded like a goody-two-shoes like Hermione and was a little too assertive with her thoughts. At Hogwarts, Hermione got off to a bad start with her friends by telling them how to do their spells and being a little bossy. Because they all went to fight the dungeon trolls, it gave her a different point of view.

They don’t want to dumb down themselves.

If you want to be wise, you don’t have to hide it. Emma said that girls should never be afraid of being smart. On the other hand, Hermione takes it to a whole new level. Because she’s so confident about being the smartest person in her class, she’s also afraid of not being the best. Why else would her Boggart be McGonagall, who told her that she had failed all of her tests?

Both of them have a decent sense of fashion.

In the same way that Hermione has her unique sense of style, Emma has her own. Hermione usually wore a school uniform with a few dozen books or so, but on the night of the Yule Ball, she wore a pretty gown, and her hair was shiny and sleek. As Emma once said, “I’m a person who has a lot of different sides, and that’s what I love about fashion: You can change yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair, or whatever.” There is a good chance that she is talking about herself and her alter-ego.

They are brave.

Emma once said: “There’s nothing bad about being afraid. Not being afraid isn’t the point. It’s about over it. Sometimes, you have to go for it and have faith.” Come on! When Hermione wrote the seven books, this could have been her main point. As the most cautious of the three, she was sometimes afraid, but she did what she could to save her friends. This is how it works:

They both enjoy reading.

Emma, like Hermione, likes to get lost her. She said: “I Love books with memories in them. That’s what I like about them. It’s like playing a song. When you pick up a book that has memories, you can go back to a different place or time.”

They stay true to themselves are.

“The sad part for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.” It’s a great piece of advice, and we can also say without a doubt that Hermione never did this with her best friends, Harry and Ron. Hermione’s braininess is the only reason the two of them get out of most situations unharmed, and it’s also the reason they both passed their OWLs. This is what you should know about her.

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