Breaking Bad: 10 Scariest Moments of the Breaking Bad Series

Breaking Bad is one of the most intense shows on television. While some scenes keep viewers on the edge of their seats, others are downright terrifying. The show frequently places its characters in difficult and vulnerable situations, leaving the audience guessing what will happen next.

10. Salamanca Cousins Pay a Visit to Walt’s House

Even though they rarely speak, the Salamanca cousins are among the most disturbing characters in Breaking Bad. Their eerie silence quickly puts the audience on edge, and they have brutally murdered people while remaining motionless.

9. Jack assassinates Hank

Breaking Bad has a knack for creating one intense situation only to have another, even more extreme, case emerge from it when Hank attempts to arrest Walt, only to be met by Uncle Jack and his merry band of thugs.

8. Todd Issues a Warning to Skyler:

Todd, who has done unspeakably evil things while maintaining a polite demeanor, is perhaps the creepiest character in Breaking Bad. His soft-spoken demeanor only adds to the terror of everything he does, especially when he pays Skyler an unexpected visit.

7. Walt Has A Crawl Space Breakdown

The situations Walt finds himself in are frequently frightening, and Walt himself can be intimidating at times. However, this memorable scene unnerves audiences because it appears that Walt has lost his mind.

6. Jesse Is Imprisoned In The Thieves’ Mansion

In one of the most disturbing Breaking Bad episodes, Jesse visits the home of a couple who robbed his dealer. In addition to being unprepared for such an encounter, Jesse discovers a young boy inside the disgusting house while waiting for the couple to return.

5. Walt and Skyler Get Into a Fight in the Kitchen

Skyler, a reluctant participant in Walt’s crimes for several show seasons. Finally chooses to defend her family from him. Walt returns home after Hank is murdered and attempts to gather his family to flee.

4. Todd kills Andrea.

Even though many people die in Breaking Bad, Andrea’s murder was one of the most unnecessary and tragic deaths. She was the sweet and caring reformed alcoholic who befriended Jesse. And it is her connection to him that causes her death.

3. The Salamanca Cousins Attack Hank

The Salamanca cousins have been built up to be terrifying and ruthless killers. So it’s difficult not to be scared for Hank when they choose him as their target. Hank receives a call warning him that he will be attacked, and the incredible and gripping sequence begins.

2. Tortuga’s Head, Decapitated

While Danny Trejo’s character, Tortuga, has sadly underutilized on the show, he did make a memorable exit. Tortuga is a cartel member who works as a DEA informant. While Hank and the other officers are waiting for Tortuga to arrive at their meeting in the desert, he makes an unexpected appearance.

1. Gus assassinates Victor with a box cutter.

Gus Fring is a calm and reasonable businessman but highly intimidating. He also does not appear to be the type of person anyone would want to get on the wrong side of, which is where Walt and Jesse find themselves.

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