10 Shocking Comedy TV Show Cliffhangers

Whether cliffhanger endings are unsatisfying, they can still shock viewers. Mainly during long gaps between episodes, when all viewers can do is speculate. When it comes to cliffhangers, comedy shows are particularly adept at switching from lighthearted to dramatic tones. Leaving viewers unanswered questions.

Friends – Rachel Says, Ross

The season 4 finale of Friends is one of the most jaw-dropping TV cliffhangers of all time. It enticed viewers with the prospect of a Monica/Chandler relationship. Then shocked them when Ross mentions Rachel’s name during his wedding to Emily.

Jake And Rosa Are Sentenced To Prison From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It is a given that the good guys win. An unavoidable television trope, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has adhered chiefly to it. That is, until the season 4 finale, when Jake and Rosa were wrongfully sentenced to prison. And viewers noticed a complete shift in the show’s usually upbeat tone.

Captain Freeman Is Arrested in Star Trek: Lower Decks

When the Burritos crew is called upon to save yet another Star fleet vessel. When he unearths a buried memory of him receiving it from mysterious scientists. Captain Freeman leaves in handcuffs rather than for promotion. In the Star Trek: Lower Decks finale.

Miranda – Two Alternatives

Miranda is in a pickle. She received two marriage proposals in the British sitcom that inspired Mayim Bialik’s Call Me Kat. Gary finally confesses his feelings for Miranda. Only for her ex-boyfriend to return and propose unexpectedly. Gary offers a counter-proposal.

It’s The Bad Place, not The Good Place.

The Good Place was The Bad Place had been hailed as one of television’s most significant plot twists.

Schneider Reaches For The Bottle – One Day At A Time

 When Schneider, who had just received his 8-year sobriety chip. Gets out the rum his father gave him inadvertently, the audience thinks it’s a win.

Amy Breaks Up With Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

Amy decides to reconsider her feelings for Sheldon. Only five years after their first date. Then, when a heartbroken Sheldon tells Gollum that he would propose to Amy, viewers are crushed even more.

Mateo Is Caught By ICE At The Superstore

The audience at the Superstore has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Since Mateo discovered an undocumented immigrant in the season 2 premiere. Mateo surrenders to Immigration in a heartbreaking moment.

The Fourth Wall Breaks – The Priest – Fleabag

While it’s awkward when the Priest admits he likes Fleabag but can’t do anything about it. It’s even more awkward and surprising when the Priest discovers. He can now see Fleabag breaking the fourth wall in a meta metafictional moment.

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