10 Short Term Love Interests on HIMYM that Definitely Deserved more Screen Time

On How I Met Your Mother, the mother was always the goal. Lily and Marshall were a strong couple who helped keep the show stable as the other show regulars went on their romantic adventures. People who dated Barney, Robin, and Ted had the most people on their “dates” lists from “HIMYM.”

HIMYM was interesting throughout nine seasons, but the short-term romances and relationships kept the show interesting. Many times, they were even having sex with each other! It doesn’t matter how much people liked some people on this list. They should have been given better endings than the show gave them.


Stunt casting was a skill that How I Met Your Mother always had. When it came to minor appearances by famous pop stars, the show was always good at it. He went to the first two episodes of “History of My Marriage.”


Only once did Mandy Moore’s Amy character show up. It was in the third season’s episode “Wait for It.” Then, as Moore usually does, she lit up the screen and made the HIMYM episode even more exciting.


Don’s departure from How I Met Your Mother was framed was a lot more focused on Robin than on Don. She turned down a big job offer to stay with him, but he took the same job without even knowing what she did.


In the end, the relationship between Barney and Quinn was never going to work out long term. They were both very interested in schemes, games, and lies when they first met.


As a HIMYM character, Scooter might not seem like the kind of person who deserves more than what the show’s creators gave him at first. But he is. His obsession with Lily was a bad thing about him.


In short-term HIMYM relationships, cheating was widespread. This is one of the major reasons the show’s creative staff should have given these characters more respect and honor.


At first, Kevin, played by Kal Penn on HIMYM, was just Robin’s therapist. But throughout ten episodes and several seasons, he became Robin’s love interest. However, he didn’t just deserve a better ending. He also earned to spend more time with Robin.


Whenever Ted tried to talk to Zoey on How I Met Your Mother, she seemed a little standoffish. In the end, though, Jennifer Morrison’s activist character turned out to be a good person and a good person.


Nick, played by Michael Trucco, is Robin’s girlfriend. He only appeared in seven episodes at the end of the show’s run, but he was a big fan. Because even though Robin didn’t like him, he was still sweet enough to deserve a better ending.


People who have been in a relationship with Ted: Victoria has an excellent case to be the best short-term one. Most people would agree that Tracy was great, even though her ending got less attention. Even though this, Victoria’s conclusion was not very good.

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