10 The Best Adaptations that Harry Potter Movies Made

Between the books and the movies, Harry Potter has been the fan’s favorite for many years now. When they came out, fans would line up outside book stores and movie theatres to be a part of the news stories. Now that both books and movies have been finished, the hype hasn’t died down. Fans are going back to watch and read to remember every moment of it.

As more people have been able to watch and reread the series, they have been able to look as closely at the differences between the two forms of the series. While the books naturally have a lot more information than the movies, the moviemakers could add some scenes that were completely different from the book. Some Harry Potter fans may have thought some of these additions were silly, but as some Redditors pointed out, these extra scenes made the beloved story even better.

This is the hint that Helena Ravenclaw gave Harry.

In Deathly Hallows Part 2, the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw gave Harry a clue. This Redditor said they liked it. When Harry asks Ravenclaw where her diadem is, she tells him that it’s at the top of her head “In order to know, you have to ask. Asked if they know” letting Harry know that hide the Diamond in the Room of Requirement.

In Hedwig’s Sacrifice

It was shocking when Hedwig died in both the book and the movie. People don’t kill Hedwig when she flies in front of a killing curse to save Harry from being killed. In the books, however, Hedwig is killed when she is locked in her cage, sitting on Harry’s lap in the backseat of the sidecar.

Voldemort’s speech at the graveyard

As soon as Voldemort is resurrected in the graveyard, he tells his Death Eaters what has happened to him over the last 13 years since he killed him. In the movie, he used words that were a bit different. This made his speech a lot more dramatic.

Harry’s fight with Snape

As he watched the supposedly evil professor die in the Deathly Hallows book, Harry only saw Snape from under his invisibility cloak because he was wearing one when he saw him. When McGonagall fights Snape in both the book and the movie, she does great. However, in the movie, there is a scene that fans (like Redditor King Weasley) like.

McGonagall At The Battle Of Hogwarts

Prof. McGonagall is a formidable witch in both the books and the movies. In the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie, the transfiguration teacher was a lot more fun for fans to see.

Harry and Hermione Weep for each other

Half-Blood Prince: Harry secretly pines for Ginny, but he doesn’t want Ron to find out and end the two of them’s friendship. In the end, Hermione didn’t tell anyone about her suspicions that Harry was in love with her.

Slughorn and Francis, the Fish, are two people in this story

This happens in each book and the movie. Harry uses alcohol and the memory of his mother to get Slughorn to give him a memory that he and Dumbledore need. On the other hand, Slughorn’s story broke the hearts of moviegoers.

Hermione Changes Her Parents’ Memories

Here Hermione tells Harry how she erased all memories of herself from her parent’s minds so that the Death Eaters wouldn’t interrogate them. However, Hermione’s image fades away from all the family photos in the movie.

It is Mr. Diggory’s Lament

In the Goblet of Fire movie, one of the most powerful scenes is when Cedric Diggory’s father sees his dead body outside the maze. Every time viewers have seen the movie; they have been moved to tears by his desperate scream of “my boy!” This shows how Cedric’s death has affected the show.

Hermione’s Pain

Voldemort’s Death Eaters torture Hermione in the book and the movie to find out how they could get a Gryffindor’s sword that she thought was in her Gringotts vault. In this scene, Harry learns that there may be another Horcrux in the Lestrange vault, which is why it’s important. However, the movie adds something new to this scene.

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