10 Easiest Spell to Perform on Harry Potter

After watching the Harry Potter series, almost everyone moved by the story also dreamed of becoming a witch or wizard. Everyone has dreamed at least once about what it would be like to have magical powers or live in a world where magic was real.

If you want to be a witch or a wizard, Harry Potter’s world doesn’t make things easy for you. Yes, they have magical powers, but they still have to learn how to use them. And use the spells and charms meant to help them achieve their goals. Harry Potter has a lot of bits that are hard to do right and do well. But there are also some spells that even the least skilled witch or wizard can do. And these are the ten most simple spells to do.


A simple charm called engorgio can make something bigger in Harry Potter’s world. There aren’t many spells that are easier to learn and use than this one.


As many people may already know, the Engorgio charm spell is meant to make whatever object is being charmed bigger. The Reducio charm spell, on the other hand, is intended to make the thing smaller.


Trying to cast a spell on a natural person can be very hit or miss. And while most spells on people are very hard to get right, the confundus charm is a lot easier to correct than most. When you cast a confundus charm, you don’t want to push someone’s mind or body in a certain direction, but you want to make them think or feel that way. Even first-year students at Hogwarts seem to have mastered the art of causing someone to have a short-term brain fart, which is why they know how to do it so well.


The Muffliato spell, like to confundus charm, is one of the easier spells to do in the Harry Potter world because it’s more about making a space for something than creating something new. This makes it easier to do.

Charm of cheering

Because the Wizarding World is full of spells that have to be very complicated to work, it’s nice to have a spell that any witch or wizard can do, and that does a good thing. The cheering charm makes the person who has it feel happy and cheery. It can be hard to do a charm or spell if you don’t know your target or how happy or sad they are when you do it. This is like many charms and spells that are meant for one person.


For some reason, Harry Potter likes this spell best. The spell is very easy to do, and it also does a good job. Expelliarmus is a spell that takes away a witch or wizard’s weapons in a wizard’s duel. It does this by taking its opponent’s wand out of its hands.


The Alohomora charm is also called the “unlocking charm” and “the thief’s friend”. It is also known as the “thief’s best friend”. And it’s easy to see why it has that name because it’s a spell that can open any locked doors.


Few spells in the Wizarding World are easier, faster, and more valuable than the Accio spell. The Accio spell is a magic charm that brings whatever a witch or wizard wants right to them.


People are born with some magical power, but their wand makes it easier and more powerful to use this power for specific spells. You can’t even get your wand out to do the Lumos spell because it doesn’t even need to leave the rod. It uses a wand that is already magically charged and connected to the witch or wizard who owns it and makes it shine with light.


Lumos is meant to make a wand light up, but the Nox spell is intended to make that wand dark. So, like almost every spell in the world of Harry Potter. Every spell that does a specific thing has another spell that does the same thing. And it’s hard to think of a spell that is easier to do than that because it’s just stopping the small amount of magical energy that keeps the wand going.

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