10 Things That Improved With Time In Season 1 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine love many things about season 1 that feel even more meaningful now.

The Compelling Character of The Vulture 

After season one, there are many memorable characters, including “The Vulture” or Keith Pembroke, who is introduced in the fifth episode. Jake hates the fact that The Vulture doesn’t work on cases until they’re almost finished and that he always acts as if he’s the only one who can figure things out. This character improves over time as fans learn that Jake despises him, and The Vulture appears in many more episodes between seasons 1 and 8.

Amy Helping Out Holt

Amy has always admired Captain Holt and wants him to think she’s doing a fantastic job. Of course, Holt adores everyone he works with, but he’s not always the best at expressing himself. Holt asks Amy to help with an at-risk youth program in the first season episode “The Slump,” She is ecstatic to do so. Because Amy and Holt have such a strong bond, this storyline works even better if viewers watch the entire series.

The First Great Halloween Episode

Season 1’s “Halloween” kicks off a trend of hilarious Halloween-themed episodes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Amy isn’t a big fan of this holiday right now, but that will change as she and Jake marry and start a family, and Amy will have to put up with it because Jake loves it so much. This episode is also significant because it is the first time viewers see the characters competing in their Halloween Heist, with one of them claiming to be the best detective. Jake proposes to Amy in season 5’s “Halloween,” which changes Amy’s perspective on holiday.

Jake Has To Leave His Apartment

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans love Jake because he is kind, charming, and funny, and he grows up and matures by the series finale. In the first episode, “The Apartment,” Jake learns that he must vacate his apartment because it belongs to his grandmother unless he pays $500,000. Gina assists him in realizing that he needs to move. This storyline improves significantly as it demonstrates Jake’s transition to adulthood.

The “Full Boyle” Plotline

He and Boyle are best friends who are constantly laughing and learning new quirks about each other, so this is not only hilarious and entertaining, but it works even better when fans revisit it. He says in Season 1 that Charles gets too passionate when he’s dating someone and “goes Full Boyle.”  In season 8, Jake learns more about the Boyle family after a death in the family, and Charles learns that he is adopted.

Jake Stresses Out About Not Winning Cases

Jake is a smart cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but he has his moments, such as in season 1’s “The Slump,” when he can’t figure out his cases. While Jake is unhappy, this is a pivotal moment in his career because he learns that he will have Volatile, which is fine. Viewers will remember this storyline fondly because Jake solves many cases throughout the rest of the series.

Rosa And Gina Fight About Pies

Rosa and Gina are both challenging and self-sufficient in their ways, but they don’t seem to get along, at least not at the beginning of the show. They each claim to know the restaurant with the best pie in the first season episode, “48 Hours,” and they decide to compete over it. When fans consider the entire sitcom, they can smile at these sweet moments because Brooklyn Nine-tone Nine’s has always been sillier than other shows, which is why viewers enjoy it.

Jake And Amy’s Love Story Begins

Amy and Jake’s beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine romance begins in season 1, and it’s adorable to see how Jake tells Amy he likes her in the season 1 finale “Changes and Specs.” Even if the couple has a rocky start, viewers can be confident that they will fall deeply in love and marry if they rewatch this episode. Amy and Jake are a perfect match because their personalities are opposed.

Scully And Hitchcock’s Big Moment

Fans are aware that Scully and Hitchcock have a close relationship that appears to revolve around eating as much junk food as possible. However, they care about each other in their ways, and their friendship is a memorable aspect of the sitcom. In the first season episode of “Unsolvable,” these characters realize Charles is concealing something, and they discover a bathroom that only a few people are aware of. This scene improves over time as Scully and Hitchcock constantly work on something silly and fun together, but viewers can tell they care about each other.

The Introduction Of Gina

Gina’s charming, hilarious personality emerges as the season progresses. Gina starts talking in emojis in the season 1 finale. Which is precisely the kind of quirky thing she would do and no one else would. Fans will smile as they remember these episodes because Gina is so delightfully strange.


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