10 Things You Should Have Remembered Since The First Episode Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

With Brooklyn Nine-Nine having just finished its eighth season, it’s understandable that fans have forgotten some details from the first episode. Sitcoms rarely make it past five seasons without running into serious consistency issues, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine made it to eight without sacrificing a smidgeon of its originality.

10. Amy’s Competitive Spirit’s Origin

Amy’s hypercompetitive behavior is the bedrock of her personality. She’s a hard worker who is also bright and ambitious. She is the quintessential teacher’s pet, which she takes great pride in.

9. Jake Peralta’s nickname is Terry.

Jake’s obsession with espionage disguises borders on cosplay. He particularly enjoys coming up with unique names for his various characters and giving each one a detailed backstory.

8. The Uniform of the Nine-Nine is based on ties.

One of Raymond Holt’s first rules as captain is that Jake must start wearing neckties if he aspires to be regarded as an expert. Jake defiantly disobeys Holt’s orders, inventing hilarious ways to defy authority.

7.Rosa Diaz’s Predilection for Classic Films

Rosa is well-known for various qualities, ranging from her intimidating toughness to the lingering aura of mystery that surrounds nearly every aspect of her personal life. She studied ballet as a child, has her handcrafted jewelry line, and keeps a diverse collection of bladed weaponry on hand for self-defense.

6. The Strange Case of Detective Daniels

Terry introduces Captain Holt to a trio of detectives: Michael Hitchcock, Norm Scully, and Daniels, a female person who is never seen or mentioned again. Detective Daniels is one of those elements in which the showrunners see no future value, and he happens to be one of them.

5. Jake and Amy were once bitter rivals.

Fans have almost forgotten that Jake and Amy were once bitter rivals because they have been partners for so many seasons. Far from their current status as a newlywed with a son, they settled disagreements by betting on who could solve the most cases.

4. The Briefing Room at the Precinct Gets a Makeover

Many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine start in the precinct’s briefing room, which is usually a relatively large space with eight desks, sixteen chairs, and a podium.

3. Terry has been on sabbatical for a long time.

As a result of a minor breakdown in which he hit a shop mannequin upon mistaking this for a suspect from the first ep, Terry was already located on indefinite paid leave.

2. Rosa’s Seemingly Endless Love for Charles

Charles has long been in love with Rosa, and he expresses his feelings for her in a way that is both endearing and disturbing. Boyle could have easily transformed into a creepy stalker instead of the beloved character he became.

1. The Nine-Loose Nine’s Grip on Captain McGinley

Jake is displeased that Captain McGinley is stepping down in favor of an as-yet-unidentified top brass, whom he believes will be “just another washed-up pencil pusher.” This is due to McGinley’s shaky control over his subordinates, which effectively turned the Nine-Nine into a circus.

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