10 Tiny Details From Harry Potter That Should Not Be Ignored By Fans.

Harry Potter is the most famous series of all the time. Some of the tiny details from the Harry Potter movies that most people missed. Here are some of their responses, along with some contributions from Reddit:

1. Ron’s robes in Sorcerer’s Stone are more faded than Harry’s and Hermione’s because they’re hand-me-downs.

2. In Sorcerer’s Stone, there’s a portrait of Anne Boleyn (who Henry VIII accused of witchcraft) in Hogwarts.

3. In Order of the Phoenix, someone in the background bumps into a Thestrel they can’t see.

4. In the Warner Bros. logo for Goblet of Fire, you can see the pattern of Nagini’s scales.

5. Hermione’s hair grows throughout Deathly Hallows Part 1 to show how long she, Ron, and Harry Potter have been traveling in search of horcruxes.

6. What Sirius tells Harry Potter when he says goodbye in Prisoner of Azkaban foreshadows Harry’s use of the Resurrection Stone in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

7. In a flashback in Order of the Phoenix, Sirius says, “Nice one, James,” when James disarms Snape. Later, after Harry  Potter  disarms a Death Eater, Sirius says the same thing.

8. Some students in Order of the Phoenix are eating “Cheeri-Owls” cereal.

9. In Snape’s death scene, there’s a Gryffindor scarf hanging up in the background, a reference to his bravery and Dumbledore saying he “sometimes thinks they sort too soon” in the books.

10. The ways Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione wear their scarves and ties reflect their personalities.

“In Sorcerer’s Stone, Hermione’s scarf is tied neatly and completely around her neck, Harry’s is loosely thrown over his shoulder, and Ron’s is just laying flat and open and not wrapped at all. Often with their ties, Hermione’s is tied perfectly and tucked in, Harry’s is loose but tucked in like he’s been messing with it, and Ron’s is completely untied.

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