10 tumultuous Harry Potter relationships, ranked from worst to best

Stormy relationships abound in the Harry Potter universe, but some are far more serious than others. Of course, anyone fighting Voldemort and the Death Eaters will not get along with the villains. Still, some very specific quarrels are more complicated than simply being enemies.

The Weasleys And Fleur Delacour

This is a less well-known entry on the list, but it stands out because it feels wrong. Although the Weasleys are generally kind and accepting, they always let Hermione and Harry stay, even though they didn’t like Fleur.

Hermione Granger And Lavender Brown

While the Harry Potter series has some strong female characters, it also has flaws. The Hermione was the worst of these.

Professor Trelawney And Professor McGonagall

This clash was amusing at times because it was one of the few times we saw McGonagall express herself more openly.

Harry Potter And Ron Weasley

While Harry and Ron are best friends, there have been two instances where they have not been. Both of these events were fueled by Ron’s insecurity and jealousy of Harry, and although they were friends, Ron saw Harry as a rival in terms of attention and popularity.

Harry Potter And Cedric Diggory

Even though Harry had never tried to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, the situation pitted them against each other. Because they both became Hogwarts champions, Harry and Cedric were mainly at odds. They were also at odds because they both had a thing for Cho. Although Cedric was probably unaware of Harry’s feelings, Harry held a grudge against him.

Harry Potter And Severus Snape

The conflict between Harry and Snape is a significant plot point. This is a complicated relationship because it involves Harry’s parents, so it’s not just a case of Snape and Harry not liking each other.

Voldemort And Dumbledore

Voldemort has a slew of complex relationships, but they’re primarily adversarial. Dumbledore was the powerful wizard on the good side, while Voldemort was the most powerful evil wizard. On the other hand, Dumbledore is the person with whom Voldemort had a tumultuous personal relationship.

The Marauders And Severus Snape

It’s difficult to say who despised Snape more at school, James or Sirius. While the main feud was most likely between James and Snape over their shared feelings for Lily Evans, the other Marauders, such as Sirius, despised him as well.

Harry Potter And Draco Malfoy

This relationship may be one of the first that fans think of when it comes to complex interactions in Harry Potter. Harry and Draco’s rivalry is intriguing because it isn’t entirely black and white.

Harry Potter And Voldemort

While it would be more accurate to say that these two were sworn enemies from the start, Voldemort made Harry his enemy due to the Prophecy; their relationship must be addressed.

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