10 Worst Things Ross did to Rachel on FRIENDS

There will be a reunion show for Friends in May 2021. The reunion can be watched on HBO Max, which is a service that costs extra money. Many people fell in love with the show Friends, which has been on for 236 episodes. On streaming services, Friends is always being watched.

It’s one of the most debated things about “Friends.” Was Ross and Rachel on a break when they were together? Both of them did horrible things to the other in their relationship. Even so, viewers can’t help but think that Ross has done more bad things than anyone else in the show.

Ross & Rachel were on a break, but were they?

Ross and Rachel decide to take a break in season 3. They had a lot of fights last season. Because they agreed to take a break, it wasn’t a breakup. Whether Ross and Rachel were on a real break is still up in the air.

In the beginning, Ross and Chloe had a romance that didn’t have any strings attached.

Amid Ross and Rachel’s supposed break, Ross and Chloe have a one-night stand. It’s only been one episode since Rachel decided that taking a break from the relationship would be good for them both. It turns out that Chloe works at a Xerox store that is close by.

Ross is jealous of Rachel because she has a male friend. Nanny

It’s the 200th episode of Friends, and Freddie Prinze Jr, who played Fred in the Scooby-Doo films, makes a cameo as Sandy. Tom Hanks was supposed to play the part of Rachel and Sandy’s new babysitter. Rachel hired Sandy to do the job instead. Hanks, on the other hand, was working on a movie at the time, so he couldn’t go. When Ross finds out that Sandy is a man, he’s angry.

Ross says that Rachel has a lot of flaws.

Joey and Chandler help Ross figure out which woman he should go out with within The One With The List when he can’t decide. Ross has a list of things that Rachel doesn’t do right. Among other things, people say that she’s “spoiled, ditzy, and obsessed with how she looks.” In addition, the list says, “Just a waitress,” “has a lot of fat around her ankles.”

The time Rachel spends at work makes Ross want to leave her, so he wants to be like her

In the end, Ross’ jealous and controlling ways caused the two of them to split up for a little bit. Rachel gets a new job at Bloomingdale’s, and Ross isn’t happy about how much time she spends there. Ross isn’t just upset about how much time the job takes.

The one where Ross tells Rachel that they can’t be friends anymore and they have to stop.

A heartbreaking moment happens in the episode “The One With the Kips” in which the Kips leave. Emily is more important to Ross than Rachel, so he tells Rachel that they can’t be friends anymore because that’s what he wants. Besides the fact that her dog, Lapooh, died during this time, this hurts Rachel. He used to be friends with his ex, but now his new wife, Emily, doesn’t like that he does.

Ross doesn’t want to get divorced for the third time in his life.

Ross thinks he is very smart and doesn’t want to admit that he has done anything wrong. However, for someone who is said to be so smart, he makes a lot of quick choices. They get married in a hurry and while they are drunk in the episode The One In Vegas. Rachel wants to break up with Ross, but Ross doesn’t get an annulment because he doesn’t want to.

He shows how he reacts when Rachel tells him she is pregnant.

She wants to talk to Ross. Ross thinks this is because she wants to be with him again. He then starts talking about why he doesn’t think they should get back together in a long speech. Rachel wants to meet up with Ross and say that she’s pregnant and that he is the father.

Ross doesn’t let Rachel do what she wants.

In the two-part finale (The Last One), Ross gets in the way of Rachel’s dreams again. A lot of people in the group are breaking up. When Chandler and Monica get married, they’ll have a family. They’re moving out of the city so they can raise their children. It turns out that Rachel bumps into Mark, and he gives her a job at Louis Vuitton.

Ross and all of his many “microaggressions,”

Ross is one of the most unlikable sitcom characters of all time because of the way he acts. To make a point, he always has to fight back. This causes him and Rachel to get into a lot of heated fights. A lot of people think Ross is bad at small things, but he’s best known for his jealousy when Rachel even looks at a man. When it comes down to it, Ross and Rachel have one of the most toxic relationships in TV history, and it shouldn’t be celebrated or modeled on.

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