13 Of Cinema’s Most Worthless Movies

With nearly 30,000 responses, the thread quickly went viral! Here are some of the most popular responses:


“It’s the only film I ever thought about leaving.”

Fifty Shades of Grey

“I expected it to be so bad that it’s funny. It was somewhat amusing for the first 10–15 minutes, but then it became extremely boring and poorly made. It’s not outrageous enough to be entertaining, but it’s bad enough to be annoying.”

The Human Centipede movies

“I’m sorry these were ever brought into existence.”

Disaster Movie 

“We had a rare opportunity to visit my father, and this was the movie we chose. I should’ve gone to the park. We enjoy most parody films, but this one lacked a funny moment. A complete waste of time and money.”

After Earth

“That movie was terrible. Given the premise, I was hoping for a good sci-fi movie. But they got a lot of things wrong. They appeared to be sluggish.”


“Somethings must be forgotten, and Eragon (the film) is unquestionably one of them.”

Open House

“I felt disrespected after watching that shit.”

The Emoji Movie

“It was an ad-supported soulless corporate husk of a film. ‘Ads The Movie’ is a literal translation. The film has no redeeming qualities. It has no moral, creative, or ethical compass. I’m actually annoyed that I squandered two hours of my life watching that fucking movie.”

Dragonball: Evolution

“This film looked and felt nothing like the original source material.”

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

“Did you know there was a remake to The Lawnmower Man? Now you know. For the record, I didn’t pay for it; my friend bought the first Lawnmower Man on DVD, and the sequel was included as a bonus because no sane person would buy it otherwise.”

The Last Airbender

“I saw this live-action film in theatres, and it was such a letdown after the series. The acting was atrocious!”

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

“The message is basically, ‘If you’re insecure, it’s okay to be a shitty person.’ Go wreak havoc on everyone’s lives and then emotionally manipulate them into forgiving you.'”

Artemis Fowl

“It was AWFUL. As a child, I adored the books and had high hopes for them. The plot has been altered so drastically that it is no longer the same storey.”

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