13 TV Characters Who Started As Cameos But Were Bumped To Starring Roles

1. Andy Dwyer was only supposed to appear in six episodes of Parks and Rec before Ann kicked him to the curb, but Chris Pratt was “too funny to not use,” according to the show’s creator Michael Schur.

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2. Gunther, the iconic bleach-blonde Central Perk barista, was promoted to a supporting role on Season 2 of Friends despite originally being just a background character.

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3. Jesse Pinkman was supposed to die in the Season 1 finale of Breaking Bad, but creator Vince Gilligan flipped the script and kept him around for the show’s five-season run.

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4. Summer Roberts was intended to be a guest-starring role on The O.C. However, Rachel Bilson nailed the part and was bumped to a series regular before the end of Season 1.

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5. Andy Bernard was only supposed to appear in an eight-episode arc as the cocky antagonist on The Office. Writers had so much fun crafting stories for Ed Helms that he became a series regular in 2007.

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6. Topanga Lawrence was supposed to be Cory’s hippie classmate in a few episodes of Boy Meets World, but her character became too popular to write off.

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7. Despite serving as the show’s protagonist for six seasons, Jack Shephard was supposed to die in the pilot of Lost.

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8. Dr. Frasier Crane was only meant to appear in a few episodes of Cheers. However, Kelsey Grammer’s acting chops earned him a series-regular position in addition to a spinoff that lasted 11 seasons!

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9. Dr. Arizona Robbins was given a three-episode arc on Grey’s Anatomy, but she stuck around for seven seasons!

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10. The diner owner in Stars Hollow was originally written as a female character named Daisy on Gilmore Girls. When creator Amy Sherman-Palladino received a note to add more men to the series, Scott Patterson was cast instead as just a guest star. His chemistry with Lauren Graham’s Lorelai Gilmore was so strong, he became her primary romantic interest on the series.

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11. Bedelia Du Maurier, Hannibal Lecter’s psychiatrist, was written as a cameo for Gillian Anderson on Hannibal, but writers were inspired by Anderson’s performance and Bedelia became a series regular in Season 3.

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12. Steve Urkel was only supposed to appear in one episode of Family Matters, but audiences wanted to see more of the Winslows’ nerdy neighbor, so Jaleel White was cast as a character on the series.

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13. Felicity Smoak was intended to appear on one episode of Arrow. Yet her role was quickly expanded as she became the primary love interest for Oliver Queen.

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