14 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Since its premiere on Fox in 2013, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has become a popular police sitcom starring Andy Samberg. The show was on the verge of being cancelled when Fox announced its cancellation in May 2018. Fans rallied, and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was renewed for a sixth, seventh, and even eighth season on NBC. Here are a few things you don’t know about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

14. Several celebrities took to Twitter after Fox announced the show’s cancellation to save it.

13. Andy Samberg (Jake) and Chelsea Peretti (Gina), who play on-screen friends, were childhood friends.

12. Samberg worked as a film editor on the same series as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” before becoming famous.

11. Kwazy Cupcakes is a simple video game.

10. The precinct’s exterior is based on a real-life precinct in Brooklyn.

9. After auditioning for the role of Amy Santiago, Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) was cast as Meghan.

8. Some fans are skeptical of Stephanie Beatriz’s claim that she plays Rosa.

7. Michael Schur, the show’s co-creator, has worked on several popular sitcoms.

6. Chelsea Sensation originally worked as a writer on “Parks and Recreation.”

5. Terry Crews (Sergeant Jeffords) started his professional football career on the field.

4. Off-screen, the crews’ artistic side shines brightly.

3. Joe Lo Truglio’s (Charles) first humor police show was “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

2. The cast had to go through real police firearm training.

1. Braugher has a dramatic acting background.

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