15 Backstage Photos Of Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox’ Romance

Courteney Cox ( Monica Geller) and Matthew Perry ( Chandler Bing) are fan-favorite on-screen couples, and fans call ‘Mondler’. We bring some behind the scene romance of this couple.

1. Matthew Perry and Courteney Going To Market Together

2. Matthew Perry Kissing Courteney on Cheeks

3.Matthew Perry and Courteney CoxGiving See Of Kiss to each other

4. Matthew Perry Accompanying Courteney At Airport

5. Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox Are Enjoying Sunbath

6. Both Having Fun Together backstage

7. This Photo Taken Years After Friends Ended

8. Courteney Holding Award and Giving Love To Matthew

9. photo Taken In the 90s while Shooting Friends Season

10. This Photo also Belongs To Friends Backstage

11. Both Looking fabulous

12. Chandler Hugging Monica on The Friends Set

13. I Want Someone To Look At Me Like Courteney looking At Matthew

14. Both Are enjoying together at the Hill Site

15. This one is My Favourite

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