15 Hilarious Celebrity Appearances on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ranked

Some of the show’s most unique scenes and episodes are thanks to celebrity cameos and guest stars’ characters to the show uniquely and brilliantly. It’s time to reminisce about the most unique and hilarious celebrities who have appeared on this show.

Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits plays Amy Santiago’s father, who enters the story after Jake and Amy start dating. Mr. Santiago looks like her daughter, and Amy looks up to him, despite Jake’s opinion that he’s a bit obnoxious.

Maya Rudolph

Jake and Captain Holt went undercover in Florida in a fan-favorite two-part episode, in which Maya Rudolph guest-starred. She quickly joins in on the two actors’ long-running banter and adds to the hilarity.

Nick Kroll

After an argument with Jake, Nick Kroll guest-starred as an intense homeland security officer determined to take down the 99 in a multi-agency terrorist and hostage drill.

Kathryn Hahn

In one episode of the series, Kathryn Hahn is an over-the-top villainous character as Charles’ ex-wife. Despite this, her comedic nature shines through the cruel nature of her character, as shown in several Charles stories and her one appearance.

Bill Hader

Bill Hader played a new captain at the 99 who was explosive and enraged. To the point where the cold opener sees him screaming at the entire squad about efficiency before passing out from the stress of his heart condition.

Sterling K. Brown

Although Sterling K. Brown’s character wasn’t exactly “funny,” fans couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear throughout this season 5 episode. The entire episode is an interrogation of Philip Davidson by Holt and Peralta (Brown).

Nick Offerman

Sitcom cameos are even funnier when they feature another sitcom star. In season 3, Parks and Recreation alum Nick Offerman plays Captain Holt’s ex-boyfriend.

Mario Lopez

Another sitcom alum made his way to the small screen, this time as himself, Mario Lopez. Jake works extremely hard to secure this famous actor’s attendance at Gina’s birthday celebration.

Pete Davidson

It’s no surprise that Andy Samberg enlists the help of a slew of other comedians and SNL cast members for a quick cameo on the show. Pete Davidson is no exception, and in season one, he plays an at-risk kid who comes to the 99th Precinct.

Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows may be the king of Saturday Night Live, but he’s also one of today’s funniest men. This actor was most likely cast in this sitcom because of his hilarity, and his character is undoubtedly unique.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

This astrophysicist also appears in season 3 to assist Gina with her astronomy studies. That’s funny enough, but the fact that he shows up because he goes to the same gym as Terry is probably even funnier.

Ed Helms

There have already been alumni from other sitcoms, but Ed Helms from The Office is difficult to beat. He plays Jake Danger in Season 2. While he has a cool name, he is a super uncool US Postal Inspection Service employee.

Zooey Deschanel

When the New Girl gang travels to New York, it’s only natural for Jessica Day to become involved in one of Jake’s cases.

Adam Sandler

Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler are two comedy legends, so having this movie actor join Jake Peralta on this sitcom was a no-brainer. Sandler shows up at an auction in Season 1 to simply heckle Jake.

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is a television legend best known for his role in the show The Rookie. In season 4, he plays Mark, a detective actor (and who Rosa loves).

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