10 Mysteries and Plot Holes from HIMYM That Were Never Solved

Tracy McConnell-Mosby, the mother, had the most glaring plot flaw. We finally met Tracy in season 8, after seven seasons of trying to figure out who she was and concluding that Robin could have been the mother all along. Unfortunately, it appears that the writers were pressed for time, as she was later written off, leaving us with no knowledge of her interactions with the gang or the antics of her relationship with Ted. The show left 20 mysteries and plot holes unsolved.

Not Explaining Tracy’s Relationship With Ted And The Gang

Throughout the series, we saw Ted’s various girlfriends interact with the gang. Karen and Ted had some screen time with the gang, and the storey went into enough detail to show how Lily ended their relationship. Stella and Ted, Victoria and Ted, Trudy and Ted’s relationships with the gang were all explained.

Patrick’s Day 2008

St. Patrick’s Day 2008 was featured in Season 3, Episode 12, ‘No Tomorrow.’ The gang did not attend the party as a group, preferring instead to go their separate ways. At Marshall and Lily’s new apartment, Robin joined Lily, Marshall, and Ted for a night of board games. He dressed up in a green suit and drank green beer.

Barney And Robin’s Wedding Date

Barney and Robin’s wedding took up the entire ninth season and was probably the most well-developed storyline. Ted announced the wedding date in Season 8, Episode 13: Saturday, May 25, 2013. What left the storey hanging and fans perplexed was the actual wedding date.

Marshall And Lily Sharing A Toothbrush

Even though it is not illegal, couples sharing toothbrushes is frowned upon. Some couples brag about sharing toothbrushes, while others travel without one to save space.Due to this was a crucial subject that could have been covered in the series.

Robin And Nicknames

Robin was a complex woman with a few strict relationship faux pas. Her stance on the nicknames that couples love to give each other was one of them. Through Ted’s fondness for calling her ‘Schebs’ or ‘Robbie Wobsie,’ Robin detested nicknames directed at her or her boyfriend when they were dating. Ted’s nickname for himself was ‘T-Moz,’ which she despised.

When did Did Barney learn How To Drive?

Barney Stinson thought Lily was too hot for Marshall to seduce when he first saw her, so he was perplexed to see the two kissing as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Following Marshall for a while, oblivious to the fact that the two were lovers, Barney inquired about the trick.

The Pineapple Incident

Season 1, Episode 10 featured Ted’s one-night stand with Trudy. Ted passed out after consuming five shots of “The Red Dragon.” He awoke with a pineapple on his side table, an unidentified brunette girl in his bed, and a sprained ankle the next day. Along with being juicy, this plot had two major plot holes.

Robin Getting Scared Of Not Moby’s Gun

In terms of dealing with difficult situations, Robin was the most assured of the ladies. So we were surprised but not surprised when she became terrified of Not Moby’s gun in season 1, episode 11. However, this was not a significant issue. In the 1 episode of season 2, we found out a few episodes later that Robin was an enormous gun enthusiast, taking Marshall to a gun range to help him get over Lily’s breakup.

Lily’s Dog Allergy

Lily was seen interacting with Robin in her apartment in season 2, episode 2, and she didn’t seem allergic to the dog. Lily had a new apartment just three episodes later, in episode 5, but it was uninhabitable due to her roommate. This raccoon was kind enough to eat her housewarming gift from Ted and Robin!

Where Did Robin’s Girlfriends Go

The writers did an excellent job portraying Robin as a macho woman who despised being in the company of women. She was, in fact, the girl who liked going out to bars with boys and was, friends with Lily because she was a gang member. Lily revealed to the team that Robin had no female friends during the wedding planning in Season 9. Despite this, the HIMYM writers decided to throw a bachelorette party for the girl who despises girls, which perplexed viewers. 

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