4 Moments That Prove Barney Became a Better Man

He was one of the funniest and sleaziest characters on How I Met Your Mother, but he was also one of the funniest. He became known for being a womanizer, and he didn’t seem to stop for the show’s nine seasons on CBS, even though he tried. As soon as Barney looked like he was ready to end his days of playing women, something stopped him in his tracks. Even though it looked like Barney didn’t change at all, he did.

It was only now that Barney Stinson gave commitment a go.

During HIMYM, Barney was shown as someone who didn’t want to give up a single life. For much time he was alive, he tried to meet as many women as he could. Any sign of commitment made him very nervous. Barney didn’t want to get married or start a family, and he didn’t want to get married. However, in season 5, he changed his mind about relationships.

Fans may remember that Barney and Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) had similar views on relationships. It was only when they started dating, though, that both of them started to think about making a long-term deal with each other. Barney and Robin’s relationship turned out to be bad for both of them, but it helped him change his mind about relationships. It was later that Nora and Quinn got engaged. He also had a relationship with Nora (Becki Newton).

Barney got back in touch with his father.

How I Met Your Mother told us early on that Barney didn’t know who his real father was. In season 2, he said that he thought his father was Bob Barker when he was younger, but later found out that this wasn’t true. Finally, in season 6, Barney found out that his uncle Jerry (John Lithgow), who left the family when Barney was a child, was in fact his father.

When Barney found out that Jerry left his family behind, he was angry at him at first. Later on in life, Jerry started over again with a new wife and a new child. He was very immature when it came to Jerry’s new life. He made fun of his second son whenever he could. When Barney finally talked about how Jerry hurt him, he said that he was sorry.

So, even though Jerry did not have to forgive him, Barney and his father grew close and put the past behind them. This showed how mature Barney was.

Friends could lean on him.

Barney was often seen as having a selfish attitude. He only cared about what he was working on at work or what new play he had from the Playbook. In the past, it wasn’t very often that fans saw Barney comfort his friends and give them advice. This isn’t true, though. In season 9 episode 18, “Rally,” the group realized that Barney had helped them through some of their most difficult times.

During the night before his wedding to Robin, Barney drank too much. He needed the Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir to get him out of his funk. His friends couldn’t make the drink because he didn’t tell them how to make it.

Robin, Ted, Lily, and Marshall then realized that the most important thing was love. In the past, Barney gave the drink to his friends when they got too drunk during hard times in their lives. To help them forget about the pain, he sat down and talked with them. Barney may not have been as greedy as he seemed to be, even though he seemed to be.

Barney got used to having his daughter around.

It didn’t matter how many times Barney had relationships with Robin, Nora, and Quinn. He always went back to being a womanizer after these three people. Nobody thought anything could get him out of the game. His daughter changed him for good.

At the end of How I Met Your Mother, Barney found out that a woman he had sex with had given birth. As soon as he saw his daughter for the first time, Barney broke down in tears. He looked into her eyes, kissed her, and said that she was the love of his life.

In the end, Barney tried to go back to being single again, but he couldn’t resist becoming a parent. This time, Barney seemed to be done with having sex for good.

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