5 Photos of Alyson Hannigan That Prove She Never Ages

It’s a fact that celebrities have enough money to grant them access to the best dermatologists and skincare routines in the world. This obviously gives them an advantage when it comes to preventing the sneaky signs of aging that are bound to appear on our skin and body. However, money isn’t everything, and while it can certainly help keep the skin look youthful and fresh, it’s not a guarantee.

Truth is, some people are more blessed than others in the genes department. We all know at least a handful of celebrities who haven’t aged a day since the early 1990s. And actress Alyson Hannigan is a great example of that! Is she a vampire? Does she possess the secret fo the fountain of youth? Either way, here are ten pictures that prove Alyson Hannigan is simply immune to the passage of time.

5.The Picture Of Youth In 2005…

2005 was the year the first season of How I Met Your Mother hit screens. Audiences immediately fell in love with the characters, portrayed by a beloved cast, which included Alyson Hannigan as Lily, alongside other fan favorites like Cobie Smulders, Jason Seigel, and Neil Patrick Harris.
At the time, Hannigan was only 31 years old, and even back then, she still looked like she was in her early 20s. Fans of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer who tuned in to watch HIMYM were probably surprised by the fact Alyson looked exactly like she did back in 1997 when the Slayer and friends became part of television.

4…And Nothing Changed In 2015!

Fast forward ten years, and the 41-year-old actress looks exactly like she did on her promo picture for How I Met Your Mother ten years later. The smile is the same, the skin is absolutely perfect, and there is not a wrinkle in sight. Plus, her signature red hair is just as shiny as ever!
2015 didn’t see Hannigan make a comeback to the small or big screens. The actress probably chose to take a small break in-between projects, since she was recovering from a pretty full couple of years. The point is – the stunning woman doesn’t change!

3.Beautiful In 2006…

In 2006, Alyson was busy enjoying the growing success of How I Met Your Mother, which was quickly becoming a hit comedy series for lovers of the genre. Additionally, Hannigan voiced the character of Hottie Penguin in the movie Farce of The Penguins and had a starring role in the comedy Date Movie.
Looking just as beautiful as ever with her bright green eyes, fans might remember this as the time when Alyson went for a darker hair color. Whatever she chooses to go with always works, and this picture is just another example.

2…And Gorgeous In 2016!

How is it even possible these two pictures are ten years apart? We still don’t know how Alyson Hannigan found a way to trick nature and science as we know it, but here we are. Plus, the proof is in the pudding! This picture was taken back in 2016 when the actress was 42-years-old (no, we’re not lying).
Hannigan had a busy year, starring in two movies – Do You Take This Man and The First Wives Club – and going for a swim three times a week at the fountain of youth. The second part of that sentence might not be the truth, but it sure seems like it!

1.A Vision In 2007…

Back in 2007, How I Met Your Mother was already going three seasons strong, and the fans didn’t seem to get enough of the adventures coming out of the show.
Similarly, we also couldn’t get enough of Alyson’s new look, since this was the year the actress adopted bangs and still looked like the young college student from later seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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