5 Ted Pick Up Lines That Might Actually Work & 5 That Never Would

Ted in How I Met Your Mother scores a lot of women with pick up lines. Some of his best worked while his worst on HIMYM never did. There are times when Ted used a magazine feature to try and pick up girls. There are also the times when he smartly walked up to women to ask them out. We think it’d be a great idea to recall five of each instance. Some just for laughs, others for use, maybe?

Would Work: Pretty Name

Wouldn’t Work: Where Do I Sign?

Would Work: Dinner With Me Saturday Night?

Wouldn’t Work: How Did I Get On There?

Would Work: I Made It Rain

Wouldn’t Work: You’re A Hooker

Would Work: I’m A Different Guy Now

Wouldn’t Work: Vomit Free Since ’93

Would Work: The Blue French Horn

Wouldn’t Work: Do Me

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