According to The Rock, Vin Diesel's request to rejoin the Fast and Furious franchise is an example of The Rock's manipulation.

According to The Rock, Vin Diesel’s request to rejoin the Fast and Furious franchise is an example of The Rock’s manipulation.

Expect nothing to happen despite Vin Diesel’s plea to bring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson back to the Fast and Furious franchise to finish the story the way Diesel suggests the fans would like. Dwayne Johnson claimed that he told Diesel and Universal Studios that he would never return. Diesel’s recent social media posts about a possible reunion exemplify Diesel’s manipulation.

During an interview with CNN, Johnson was asked about Diesel’s comments and said, “I was shocked by Vin’s recent post.” He went on to say that he spoke with Vin Diesel in June & told him directly – or privately – that he would never return to the franchise. “I was firm yet cordial with my words,” he said, “and said that while I would always be supportive of the cast & root for the franchise to succeed, there was no chance I would return.” He said he had the same discussion with his Universal colleagues, who were all enthusiastic about his decision.

Is There Still Time For A WWE Comeback?

The fact that The Rock will not be returning to film the final installment of the series means he will have more opportunities to appear in WWE in the future. There have been rumors that he will face Roman Reigns at some point. The Rock is still one of Hollywood’s busiest men, so a WWE comeback is unlikely, but he seems not to have ruled it out. After all, he hasn’t ruled out working on another Fast and Furious film with Diesel.

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