All-female characters from "The Witcher" are ranked according to their badassery.

All-female characters from “The Witcher” are ranked according to their badassery.

The Witcher 2 Season 2 was released last month, which means more magic, sword fights, &, of course, terrifying monsters. And, while you may have watched Henry Cavill stomp around the Continent while growling, let’s be honest: you stayed for the female characters. Yes, I like Geralt of Rivia, but he’s mostly a passive character who reacts to the women’s actions. The women are the ones who propel the plot forward—mages with great power, evil demons, warrior queens, and a chosen one. The Witcher has a knack for creating strong female characters.

19. Queen Kalis of Lyria

All I know about Queen Kalis of Lyria is a spoiled brat who constantly complains. Unfortunately, she is quickly dispatched by an assassin hired by her husband, indicating that her complaints were probably justified.

18. Sabrina Glevissig

I don’t know more about Sabrina, but I do know she trained at Aretuza alongside Yennefer and is a member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. So she’s got to be a little badass.

17. Lydia van Bredevoort

Lydia van Bredevoort is a ruthless mage hired by an unknown benefactor. We only really see her when she’s plotting with fellow villain Rience. What else can I say? I have a thing for villainesses.

16. Vereena

Vereena is Geralt’s old friend Nivellen’s lover, and she is possibly the most terrifying creature Geralt battles. She is also an undead woman who murders innocent villagers in the form of a giant bat.

15. Philippa Eilhart

I don’t know more about Philippa Eilhart yet, but I do know she can transform from an owl to a super-glamorous human woman. Are you capable of doing so? Can you do it?

14. Pavetta

When we first meet Ciri’s mother, Pavetta, she appears to be any other vapid fairy tale princess. We realize how powerful she is when we see her unleash her rage in a magical, heartbroken scream.

13. Eithné


Eithné is the Dryads’ Queen, a race of wood nymphs who live in the Brokilon forest. She is wise and resourceful, and she accepts Ciri when she needs assistance.

12. Téa and Véa

Téa and Véa made only one appearance in Season 1 as the mysterious Borch Three Jackdaws’ bodyguards, but it was memorable. I’m a fan of warrior women who are twins.

11. Francesca Findabair

Francesca Findabair is an Elven sorceress and leader who makes questionable decisions at the end of Season 2. She is not a heroine, but she is undeniably powerful.

 10. fringilla

I know I should respect Fringilla for her Machiavellian political mind, but I can’t take her seriously. Everyone appears to be one step ahead of her at all times. Still, she’s a badass and a force to be reckoned with.

9. Mother Nenneke

Mother Nenneke, the High Priestess of the Temple of Melitele, is introduced in Season 2. While she doesn’t terrorize villages or chop off heads, there is a wise power simmering beneath her surface that exudes badass vibes.

8. Triss Merigold

Triss lacks her fellow mages’ raw talent or bloodlust, but her power stems from her kindness. She is also a skilled healer.

7. The roach

Roach, the good ‘ol’ roach. Geralt of Rivia appears to prefer mares, so Roach is entirely female.

6. Queen Calanthe

A favorite that causes problems, Queen Calanthe was a legendary warrior who fought alongside men. She was, however, a murderous, genocidal bigot. I wasn’t unfortunate to see her go.

5. Tissaia de Vries

Tissaia de Vries is a badass because she has taught nearly every powerful mage in The Witcher how to use magic. She is a fierce, protective, and gifted individual in her own right.

4. Creyden’s Renfri

It’s time for a reminiscence. Do you remember Renfri? The cursed princess who also happened to be an expert at sword fighting? She only appeared in one episode of Season 1, but she made an impression. Anyone who can genuinely challenge Geralt in a fight deserves to be on this list.

3. Voleth Meir

The Deathless Mother is already a spirit who feeds on the misery of others. Mood.

2. Yennefer of Vengerberg

Andrzej Sapkowski, the writer of The Witcher series, admits that he created Yennefer to create “a female character who refuses to be a fantasy stereotype.” She is self-sufficient, strong, powerful, brave, and incredibly intelligent.

1. Ciri’s

Ciri is ranked first on the badass list. She is not only naturally powerful due to the magical Elder blood coursing through her veins, but she is also selfless, courageous, and determined. Oh, and she’s a prophecy child with the power to bring the world to its knees. It’s no big deal.

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