How I Met Your Mother: The 5 Best Recurring Characters


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Between the pilot episode and the series finale, Ranjit appeared in 22 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. He would announce his appearance by rolling down the window in his limo and saying, “Hello!”


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Patrice was the nicest person ever, especially to Robin, and yet Robin couldn’t stand her. Whenever she spoke, Robin yelled at her, “Nobody asked you, Patrice!” It was mean, but it was hilarious, like the abuse faced by Toby in The Office or Jerry in Parks and Rec.

The Captain

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Although Kyle MacLachlan’s best-known role is Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks, he’s fantastic at playing creepy characters. He proved this in a dramatic way on Desperate Housewives and in a comedic way on How I Met Your Mother.


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When almost any of the gang’s love interests joined the group as a semi-permanent member, it felt like they were barging in. Characters like Nick or Nora never felt fully welcome and their breakups from their respective partners were celebrated by fans.


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For the most part, Lily’s dad Mickey was a pretty terrible guy. But thanks to the great Chris Elliott, he was always hysterical. His increasingly awful parenting and repeated failed attempts to launch a board game corporation were hilarious in Elliott’s hands.

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