How I Met Your Mother: The 5 Worst Recurring Characters

Throughout its nine-season run, How I Met Your Mother was one of the highest-rated and most critically acclaimed sitcoms on the air. Most of the show’s immense success can be attributed to the tangible on-screen chemistry shared by its well-matched cast of principal actors and the lovability of their characters Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney.


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Across the late third season and early fourth season of How I Met Your Mother, Ted dated Stella, who was never particularly funny. Once they got engaged, she demanded the world from Ted. She wanted him to move to New Jersey after they got married, and he was even willing to do it.

 Sandy Rivers

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Robin’s narcissistic colleague Sandy Rivers is the human embodiment of sexual harassment in the workplace. He can’t go two seconds in an interaction with Robin without changing the subject from the latest news story to sex.


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Ted’s college girlfriend Karen was the worst. She had a cynical attitude toward everything, making her a nightmare to be around, and Ted caught her cheating on him in his own bed on countless occasions with guys who just said, “Sorry, bro.”


Randy-in-How-I-Met-Your-Mother.jpg (740×370)

Will Forte made a name for himself during his stint on Saturday Night Live, but his loser character on How I Met Your Mother was borderline unbearable.

Jerome Whittaker

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John Lithgow is a terrific actor, but How I Met Your Mother handled the revelation of Barney’s biological father all wrong. Since abandoning Loretta with his son, Jerome Whittaker has become a suburban stuffed shirt with his own family.

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