Britney Spears & 9 Other Celebs We Forgot Were On ‘How I Met Your Mother’

How I Met Your Mother premiered in 2005 and it wasn’t long until it became one of the best sitcoms of the early 2000s. Over the course of nine seasons, it hosted over twenty celebrity guests. The bigger the show got, the more high-profile the guest celebrities were. They played all kinds of roles: family members, bosses, and most commonly, romantic interests.
While we al remember celebs who had bigger roles on the show, such as Sarah Chalke and Jennifer Morrison, the memory of others faded fast. It’s time to freshen our memory and revisit ten celebrities who appeared on the show.

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale played Robin’s younger sister Katie who came to visit Robin in season 2’s ‘First Time In New York’. She confided in her sister that she plans on losing her virginity, which led the group to discuss how they lost theirs.
Marshall and Lily recalled being in college, with Ted listening on the top bunk. Barney lied about losing his and re-told the story of Dirty Dancing instead.

Katie Holmes
Naomi AKA the Slutty Pumpkin was a character that was first introduced in season 1, but it wasn’t until season 7 until she revealed her face. Since waited for years to find out who the girl in the costume was, he was hell-bent on trying to make it work.
Unfortunately, Naomi and Ted didn’t have much in common, making their relationship one of the worst (or at least forgettable) Ted ever had.

Tim Gunn
The Project Runway star portrayed himself in several episodes of How I Met Your Mother. He is Barney’s emergency tailor and was first introduced in season 5’s ‘Girls Versus Suits’, the episode that ends with Neil Patrick Harris’ musical number ‘Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit’.
Mr. Gunn also made an appearance on ‘The End Of The Aisle’, the episode that centered around Barney’s and Robin’s wedding.

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore played a character that is nothing like Jamie from A Walk To Remember. In season 3’s premiere episode ‘Wait For It’, she played Amy, a trouble-maker who took Ted out on a crazy night out that ended up with him getting a tattoo on his lower back.
Ted only went out with Amy because he didn’t want Robin ‘to win the break-up’. She just came home from Argentina and brought an attractive young man with her – portrayed by none other than Enrique Iglesias.

James Van Der Beek
Katie Holmes wasn’t the only Dawson’s Creek star to make an appearance on How I Met Your Mother. James Van Der Beek played Simon, Robin’s first love. In season 3’s ‘Sandcastles in the Sand’, he visited New York and it turned out Robin low-key never got over him.
He was a loser, but Robin couldn’t see it. She ended up being dumped by him for the same girl he did all those years ago.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears portrayed Abby, Stella’s naive receptionist who fell in love with Ted. Ted was extremely nice to her, but only to get Stella to like him. By the end of ‘Ten Sessions’, she slept with Barney after telling him all about Ted and what he did to her.
But that wasn’t the end of Abby: she appeared in ‘Everything Must Go’ as the mystery woman who was behind sabotaging Barney’s attempts at one night stands.

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston played Ted’s boss, Hammond Druthers in season 2. He was igonorant, rude, and authoritative, which made Lily take justice in her own hands and punish him by taking away his baseball.
Bryan Cranston wasn’t the only Breaking Bad star who appeared on the show. Bob Odenkirk (AKA Saul Goodman) played Marshall’s boss.

Katy Perry
The biggest celebrity guest of season 6 was definitely Katy Perry who appeared in ‘Oh Honey’. She played Honey, Zoey’s gullible cousin. Zoey set her up with Ted, but it was Barney who ended up with her. It was clear that Ted had feelings for Zoey and it turned out that she feels the same way about him.
The most memorable scene with Perry was probably her reaction to Barney breaking down and crying after she asked him “Who is your daddy?”.

Kim Kardashian
When Marshall felt awkward about using the bathroom at work, the covers of magazines started talking back to him. Rather than owning up to the fact that he has to go to the bathroom, he started using the flat and thus found out that Robin and Ted are hooking up.
Kim Kardashian was one of the models on the cover of a magazine. She spoke to Marshall in the end of the episode, when he already mustered the courage to confidently walk down the hall that led to the bathroom.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez played Anita, yet another potential hook up of Barney’s in ‘Of Course’. It turned out that Anita read Of Course You’re Still Single, Take a Look at Yourself, You Dumb Sl*t, a book for women who are looking for true love.


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