20 Little-Known Facts About Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik

It’s crazy to think that The Big Bang Theory is finally wrapping up. The sitcom has been on the air for a whopping 12 seasons, which is absolutely nuts in the television world. Most shows don’t even manage to get half that time on the air.

20.She Started Acting Again Because The Schedule Was Easier For Raising Her Children

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19.She Has A Ph.D. In Neuroscience

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18.Faith Plays A Big Part In Her Life

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17.She Appeared In A Michael Jackson Music Video

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16.She’s Newly Single

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15.She’s A Certified Lactation Counselor

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14.Johnny Galecki Was Her First Kiss

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13.She’s A Devoted Vegan

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12.She’s Battled Depression

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11.She’s Musically Gifted And Plays Three Instruments

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10.Her First Name Means ‘Water’ In Hebrew

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9.She Got Into Harvard And Yale

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8.She Has Two Children

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7.Her First Role Was In A Horror Movie, Pumpkinhead

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6.She’s The Founder Of An Online Community, Grok Nation

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5.She’s Written Several Books

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4.Bialik Is A Founding Member Of A Jewish Organization For Animal Rights

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3.She Identifies As A Feminist

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2.She Was On Blossom For Five Seasons

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1.She Has A YouTube Channel With Over 500,000 Subscribers

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