10 Friends Scenes Recreated Beautifully By Fans

We love the show so much that everything in it seems so pious. At one point or the other in life, as a fan, you might have tried some portions or at least dialogues from the show on your own.

1. The One With The Halloween Party

Do you remember the Halloween party where Monica was the cat woman and Chandler was the “Pink Bunny”? And, it was proved that Chandler is the weakest in the group. These FRIENDS fans recreated the costume and the scene with a twist. Don’t look for perfection but enjoy it as it is. The love and attachment to the show were more important than perfection in this.

2. The One Where Ross And Rachel Got Married In Las Vegas

In this iconic scene, Ross draws a non-erasable beard and mustache on Rachel’s face while they were on the way to Las Vegas. After reaching Vegas, Rachel denies getting out of the hotel room. So, to make her comfortable, Ross drew on his face as well. These two friends definitely nailed this recreated scene.

3. The One Where They Played Football On Thanksgiving