10 Quirky Songs by Phoebe that Taught US About Life

Let’s take a trip to memory down the lane and go through some of the songs of Phoebe Buffay, who were highly inspiring and taught us a lot about life.

1. Smelly Cat

Of course, we’d be mad if we do not put “Smelly Cat” at number one. This song is surely a post-modern artwork that holds a deep and meaningful message at its core. In this song, she reminds us to not be harsh on ourselves and always forgive ourselves.

2. The Holiday Song

This is an amazing Christmas gift that money can never buy. With a sprinkle of festive ridiculousness, it’s hilarious and endearing at the same time. In this song, she taught us to include and care for our friends, no matter how hard it is.

3. Two of Them Kissed Last Night

We appreciate Phoebe for having the ability to be the least subtle person in the room. Even though Phoebe manages to make Ross as uncomfortable as humanly possible, she also stressed the importance of fidelity.

4. Grandma

This is an all-rounder song with a sing-along chorus. It is quite funny and educational. Funny because of the obvious reasons and educational because she prepared us for life’s bitter truth.

5. Snowman

“Snowman” song has a jolly tune paired with melancholic lyrics. Also, it is topped off with a “la la la” chorus (Phoebe’s trademarks). To make it Christmasy, she also brings out the bells. However, with all the jolliness, she also reminded us that life sometimes could take unexpected turns.

6. Don’t Take No

Phoebe is a girl who needs to sing both the melody and the accompaniment of the song. With this song, she taught us the value of being persistent and never give up on our love.

7. Babies

Even though the waiting room of the maternity ward wasn’t the right place for this song, what she sang was the bitter truth of life. She framed a perfect picture of the truth about growing up.

8. Crusty Old Man

It might be only the last few lines of the song, but it’s a musical genius at its best. The intricate storyline, the vivid imagery, and the musical rats. It sounds like an absurd song, but it surely taught us never to give up and give our best in whatever we do.

9. Sticky Shoes

We have always known Phoebe for her cheery tunes, but when she catches a cold, the result comes out as “Sticky Shoes.” With her sexy phlegm also, she did not forget to teach us that life can get uncomfortable sometimes. So, deal with it and be strong.

10. Emma’s Birthday Song

At Emma’s first birthday party, Phoebe did her best to entertain a tough crowd. Even though Joey completely overshadows her song with a dramatic reading of “Love Me Forever,” she didn’t think anything and showed us to be confident and not damn about what people will think.


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