17 Infuriating TV Show Moments That Never, Ever Should Have Happened

1. In Parks and Rec, when Leslie and Ron literally stopped talking to each other for years just because Leslie forgot to cancel their lunch plans.

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“First of all, Leslie would never forget about her plans with Ron. Her thoughtfulness and preparedness were her defining qualities. Secondly, Ron got so upset with her for standing him up, which wasn’t normal. Yes, he was at a low point and was going to ask her for a job, but the falling out made no sense in relation to their characters’ histories.”

2. In The Office, when Andy abandoned Erin to go sailing on his family’s boat with his brother, never contacted her, and then came back a total jerk.

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“He was a dick to Erin and sailed away from her on the boat. He was also so rude to Nellie, which wasn’t like his character at all. They really couldn’t have found a more creative or cohesive storyline for him during those final seasons?”

3. In Modern Family, when Hayley decided to get back with Dylan, which basically undid all of her character’s growth over the last several years.

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“She matured so much over the series and started having real, substantial relationships. She knew what she wanted in life and was going after it, but then her character randomly got back together with Dylan. No thanks!”

4. In Gilmore Girls, when Rory dropped out of Yale because one person told her she wasn’t going to make it as a journalist.

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“Rory stole the yacht, moved in with her grandparents, and then decided to drop out of Yale and join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Like, what the hell, Rory?! Lorelai put her dreams on hold and sacrificed so much to make sure Rory went to college and could achieve her dreams. It was so unlike Rory to act that way.”

5. In Grey’s Anatomy, when Alex spent 16 years on his redemption arc, fell in love, became a respected doctor, and then randomly left his wife and the hospital without notice to be with his ex.

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“Alex was a dick in the first few seasons of Grey’s, but then he had this HUUUGE redemption arc. He basically promised to always be there for his wife, but then he randomly got up and left her without any notice. He went to go be with Izzie, who had his children without telling him. He basically did the worst thing his ex did to him.”

6. In Shameless, when Fiona recklessly left her cocaine in the kitchen and Liam got ahold of it.

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“She worked so hard at her own expense to raise those kids, but doing cocaine was completely out of character. Then when she left it in the house where it was easily accessible to the kids…that was too reckless, and she would never have normally put the kids in danger like that. I stopped watching the show because of this moment.”

7. Also in Shameless, when Debbie decided to get pregnant on purpose.

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“Debbie stopped taking birth control and started lying to Derek because she ‘knew what’ she wants. She even got excited when she thought Fiona was pregnant because that meant they could raise their babies together. She’s so young, and the whole thing just felt so out of character.”

8. In Dexter, when Deb stopped caring about morals and started covering up for Dexter when she found out he was a serial killer.

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“I will NEVER forgive the writers of Dexter for what they did to their core cast in the final season. They flat-out disrespected Deb. They made her progressively emotionally and mentally unstable, and she ended up doing things for Dexter that she never would have done. To see a character that started out as such a strong, smart, badass get reduced to a puddle of nonsense is a crime against television. Never have I seen such great material to pull from get botched so badly.”

9. In Full House, when Kimmy tried drinking and driving, and after she sobered up, she acted like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

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“Kimmy’s character was always weird and kooky, and I understand that this was part of a special episode to inform kids about the dangers of drinking and driving, but the whole conversation between DJ and Kimmy felt out of place. Kimmy had never done anything dangerous or rebellious before, so this whole thing felt forced.”

10. In Friends, when Phoebe easily caved and ate meat, despite being a vegetarian for practically her whole life.

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“The writers consistently used her vegetarianism as a punchline, which would be fine, except that Phoebe had strong morals and had been a vegetarian her whole life. She would never have eaten a cheeseburger because she was heartbroken, worn that damn fur coat just because it looked good, or chowed down on tons of carcass while pregnant. It was all completely out or character due to the writers’ apparent ignorance.”

11. In Stranger Things, when Eleven randomly tracked down Kali and went on a vengeful mission to kill employees from the Hawkins Lab.

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“I’m still perplexed by the whole ‘Lost Sister’ episode. All of Eleven’s character development was shattered, only for her to just come back to her original life like nothing ever happened. Like, what was the point? It went NOWHERE. Eleven would never have entertained the idea to just run away, meet up with some random strangers, go on a vengeful ‘killing’ spree, and then just decide that her original way of life was better. They built the girl up as having HUGE trust issues, and then they had her do this??? Complete opposite of what we know about her.”

12. In Glee, when Blaine was having second thoughts about his relationship with Kurt, so he cheated on him with a random guy from Facebook.

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“It felt like such a lazy way for the writers to cause conflict between a main couple, especially after Season 3, when Blaine made it clear that he considered texting another person a form of cheating. To have him turn around and hook up with someone else just for drama felt cheap.”

13. Also in Glee, when Rachel quit her dream job on Broadway, something she talked about nonstop for years, to go to LA.

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“Rachel quit her role as Fanny in Funny Girl, which was her dream and all she talked about for years, to be in a TV show. It made no sense. And obviously the TV gig in Los Angeles had to flop. Smh.”

14. In The Big Bang Theory, when they changed Amy’s personality and turned her into a sex-obsessed character.

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“Amy starts off as a cool, analytical Sheldon clone, but about two seasons in, she becomes totally sex-obsessed and emotional. Ugh! I liked her in the beginning because she complemented Sheldon 100%.”

15. In Game of Thrones, when Daenerys burned down King’s Landing.

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“Her whole character was about justice and mercy and empathy, so this decision made absolutely no sense.”

16. In Boy Meets World, when Topanga turned down a scholarship to Yale so she could be with Cory at a community college.

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“Topanga was so smart and practical, but this was a severe lack of judgment that never should have happened. She knew better than to uproot her whole life and put her dreams aside so she could be with a boy at community college.”

17. And in Gossip Girl, when it was revealed that Dan was actually Gossip Girl.

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“It just didn’t make any sense because there were several scenes throughout the series when Dan reacted genuinely to Gossip Girl’s posts, even when no one else was around. If he was Gossip Girl, why would he react that way to his own posts?! Talk about the ultimate out-of-character moment.”


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