How I Met Your Mother: 10 Hilarious Quotes Nobody Talks About

Considering that it’s a sitcom, it would be a problem if How I Met Your Mother wasn’t funny. And while there are several dramatic aspects to the series, it remains a comedy first and foremost. Thankfully, the show is full of quick-witted jokes and quotable scenes that viewers love to rewatch over and over.
Because there are so many comedic elements in each episode, it’s impossible to remember every single thing that’s laugh-worthy. How I Met Your Mother has an abundance of clever lines that are often underrated, or even forgotten by fans.

“Okay, This Is Getting Weird. The Similarities Are Going On And On. She Hates Phonies—I Totally Hate Phonies Too. She’s A Dermatologist—I Have Skin.” – Ted

In terms of comedy, Ted is easily the most underrated character. His sense of humor isn’t as outgoing as Barney’s, but it’s funny because it’s subtle. Barney aims to make jokes, while Ted is comedic without even meaning to be.
When he found an engaged woman through a dating site, he was determined to justify pursuing her because of their high compatibility rate. The similarities Ted was using weren’t similarities, as much as they were just traits of the human race. There aren’t many people who do like phonies, and, clearly, having skin isn’t uncommon.

“Aw! Mine Would Be Hugh Jackman.” – Lily

There are ways Lily and Marshall are the dream couple in How I Met Your Mother, and their opposite personalities are part of what makes them so funny. Marshall is sensitive and down-to-earth, while Lily’s bluntness is one of her biggest personality traits.
When revealing what celebrity he would date, Marshall says Lily, because she’s the star of his heart. It’s incredibly sweet, but Lily’s reply about Hugh Jackman made the scene comedic. Can anyone really hold it against her?

“Come On, Marshall. Do You Really Think She’s Still Your Fiancée?” – Ted


Sitcoms aren’t usually very funny in their first season, as they’re still trying to find their footing and viewers are still getting to know the characters. But How I Met Your Mother had a surprisingly successful first season with its fair share of underrated quotes.
No one can forget the time Marshall accidentally stabbed Lily with a sword, and Ted attempted to comfort him while he waited in the hospital room. However, he wasn’t very good at it. When Marshall said, “I stabbed my fiancee,” in complete shock, Ted’s reply was comedy gold because of the comforting tone he used.

“Plus, What Are The Chances That We’re Both Serial Killers?” – Tracy

Since Tracy wasn’t introduced until the final season of How I Met Your Mother, she didn’t get too much screentime. The show utilized her well in what time she had, and her sense of humor was refreshing and different from the other characters.
The gang often relied on crudeness, so Tracy’s light-hearted jokes added something special. It only took a couple of minutes for Tracy to ask her new classmate to be her roommate, and Cindy remarked that she could be a serial killer. Tracy’s demeanor and the way the actress delivered this line made it stand out even more.

“Stop It. Stop Looking At Me Like I’m The Only Person In The World That Matters.” – Ted


Barney and Ted’s dynamic could be considered one of the funniest in the show. Barney loves Ted more than he loves himself, and it creates hilarious situations. Barney getting hit by a bus because he was running to the hospital begging Ted not to go into the light was just as heartfelt as it was comedic.
It’s worth mentioning that Ted was in a minor car accident and was completely unharmed. Barney wanted his best friend to work alongside him, so he started putting the moves on him to seduce Ted into taking the jobs. And clearly, it was working if Ted felt like Barney was looking at him like he was the only person who mattered.

“I Have One. It’s Called My Marriage License.” – Marshall

This quote isn’t just funny, but it proves what a pure relationship Marshall and Lily have. It’s no secret that Barney wrongfully treats women as objects instead of actual human beings. He keeps a list of how many women he’s slept with and brags to the gang about it.
At first, it was shocking when Marshall said that he also kept a list of the women he’s slept with, but when he followed it up by saying “it’s called my marriage license,” Marshall turned Barney’s demeaning behavior into a joke that was both funny and sweet.

“Next Time We Go To Great Adventure, You’re Carrying Your Own Sunblock.” – Ted

The gang loves to make fun of Ted for wearing his fanny pack, which he refers to as a “hands-free belt satchel.” Lily takes another opportunity to poke fun at it by saying that it’s meant to be worn ironically.
Ted takes offense to this, and his comment proves that his fanny pack has actually served the gang. Unless they want to carry their own sunblock at Great Adventure, they’d be wise to let Ted wear whatever he wants.

“You Are Sad. You Are Beaten Down. You Will Get Through This, Come Home, Get In Your Big Underpants, And Take A Nap.” – Marshall

This quote is funny because of how relatable it is in context. Job hunting is a scary and stressful experience, but Marshall tried to go into it with confidence and a positive attitude.
However, the more interviews he went to and the more rejections he got, the more his outlook started to change. Marshall went from being willing to compromise and flexible on salary, to using getting in his big underpants and taking a nap as motivation to make it through the interview without crying.

“It’s Physics, Marshall. If The Bottom Bunk Moves, The Top Bunk Moves, Too.” – Ted

The core friendship of the show has always been Marshall, Ted, and Lily. They’re the reason the gang exists, and Marshall and Lily might not even be together if Ted wasn’t so supportive of their relationship during college.
But with college comes dorm rooms, and with dorm rooms come bunk beds. Marshall and Lily admitted that they thought Ted was asleep when they were having sex, but they seemed to be missing the point.

“That’s Them!” – Ted

Ted’s obsession with his red cowboy boots is one of the funniest running gags in How I Met Your Mother. For reasons no one understands, he thinks they’re his most fashionable piece of clothing and tells everyone repeatedly that he “pulls them off.” Ted’s boots are one of his most prized possessions, and when Robin needed his help, she used what he loved most to spur him into action.
At first, Ted didn’t believe she really had his red cowboy boots, so he asked her to describe them. Robin says, “they’re red and they’re cowboy boots,” and Josh Radnor’s delivery of “that’s them!” is pure perfection.


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