How I Met Your Mother: 10 Of Ted’s Best Quirks

Ted Mosby is the lead character of How I Met Your Mother, yet he is also the most underrated. Many fans feel as though he’s outshined by Neil Patrick Harrison’s Barney Stinson, but Ted is also funny in his own way. His humor is more subtle, which is what makes Ted so unique.
His interests and hobbies are just a few of the things that make him such a fun character. His favorite actives aren’t something his friends enjoy doing with him, but it doesn’t make them any less intriguing. In fact, Ted has several great quirks that viewers often ignore.

Telling Fun Facts About Architecture

Ted has one of the strongest work ethics of the main characters in How I Met Your Mother, which is shown by how passionate he is about his job. Architecture isn’t just something he does to get by—it’s something he genuinely enjoys.
Learning about old buildings and retelling architectural facts to his friends is one of Ted’s favorite things. In fact, he loves it so much, that he makes a bet with Barney in which he gets to give him a six-hour study on American architecture from the early 20th century if he wins.


On occasion, Ted has displayed that he enjoys differentiating fonts. It’s not brought up too often, but many of Ted’s quirks are only mentioned during the moment it’s relevant. When he’s unsure what to say on a date, Ted makes small talk by discussing the font printed on their menus. He mentions that while many mistake the font for Helvetica, it’s actually Helvetica Bold.
Typography is a type of art many enjoy, but the funny part is that Ted was lying to sound more interesting. He later admits that it’s just plain old Times New Roman. To be fair, the basic school essay font isn’t as fun as Helvetica.

Making Informative Binders For Road Trips

Unless it’s an intentional part of the road trip, the majority of people stop as little as possible in order to get to their destination. Sitting in the car for hours on end isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world, but Ted still finds a way to have fun. He makes a binder for his and Lily’s trip to the wedding, called “Manhattan To Farhampton: Lil’ & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

Wearing His Red Cowboy Boots

Ted’s red cowboy boots are one of the funniest running gags in How I Met Your Mother. The boots clash a lot with his clothes, but he’s convinced that they enhance every outfit. Whenever the gang makes a comment about them he yells, “I pull these off!”
Ted can wear whatever he wants, but it is comedic how he treats the boots he bought to impress a saleswoman like they’re one of his most prized possessions. He refused to help Robin sneak out of Barney’s house until she sent a picture of herself holding a pocket knife to them like they’re being held hostage.

The Way He Pronounces Words

Everyone has their own ways of pronouncing certain words and Ted’s are especially intriguing. He pronounces “Renaissance” like Ree-neigh-sance, but the best one is how he says “chameleon.”

Going To The Renaissance Fair

The Renaissance fair is a fun event that all kinds of people enjoy attending. However, within the gang, Ted is the lone wolf. No one shares his particular interests, even though they might like some more than they think if they gave them a chance.

Wearing Driving Gloves

As Ted said himself, 99.9% of drivers in accidents weren’t wearing driving gloves, so this is definitely something not many people do. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.


Ted doesn’t just do calligraphy, he excels at it. His handwriting has always been incredible, as his invitations for his high school dance were a hit. But Ted becomes a huge fan of the hobby and even takes lessons.

Packing Like A Pro

Ted is a bit of a legend when it comes to packing and even Marshall and Lily know it. However, they didn’t buy into the fact that the people in Spain called him “Packer of Great Skill and Merit,” because he was able to pack everything he needed for two weeks into a “hands-free belt satchel.”

Singing Acapella

Acapella is a beautiful form of music, so it’s not surprising that Ted is a fan of it. However, it did come as a shock that he sang it and sang it well. Ted sings with a group of men at a gathering he was able to steal an invitation for, and he finds himself fitting in perfectly.
Ted really is good at acapella and his voice blends in well with the other singers. One of the men tells him how impressive his lyric baritone is and he isn’t wrong.

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