21 Pieces Of Foreshadowing From TV Shows That Are Fucking Genius

1. Leslie Knope being told she could have triplets “right off the bat” in season two of Parks and Recreation, and then doing exactly that four seasons later.

Leslie Knope is set up on a blind date with a super weird MRI technician. In it, he ends up giving her an MRI scan and says that she has the perfect womb and could have triplets right off the bat if she wanted to. Four seasons later, that’s exactly what she did!

2. This nod to Dwight and Angela’s future relationship in the first ever episode of The Office.

In the first episode of The Office, Dwight is setting up his phone and humming “The Little Drummer Boy.” This is Angela’s favourite song, and she’s the woman he ends up with at the end of the series. I only recently noticed it, but it absolutely blew my mind.

3. This line in season three of Game of Thrones which only made sense in season six.

In season three of Game of Thrones, Melisandre meets Arya and tells her: “I see a darkness in you and in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes. Blue eyes. Green eyes. Eyes sealed shut.” None of that makes any sense until season six when she starts borrowing faces and eventually goes blind.

4. This heartbreaking detail in How I Met Your Mother that only made sense at the end of the finale.

When Ted is telling the story about Robin’s mom not coming to her wedding, Tracy says: “What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?” Ted then chokes up. We later find out that the mother was already sick at that point.

5. Jane’s death in Breaking Bad was foreshadowed on two separate occasions before it happened.

It’s hinted at a few times throughout the show. Once, when she and Jesse are doing heroin, she says: “Baby, get on your side in case you throw up.” Then, there’s a scene in which Marie is with Holly and says: “Put her on her side in case she decides to spit up.” They were far enough apart to not raise flags, but once she died, my mind was blown at how subtle and amazing that writing was.

6. And we really should have seen the way Chris died in The Sopranos coming as well.

Early in The Sopranos, when Tony finds out that Chris is using drugs, he says something along the lines of: “If I ever find out you’re using again, I will kill you with my bare hands.” Cut to the end of the series. Chris is using again, and guess how he dies? Tony strangles him.

7. Ross sleeping with the Xerox girl was actually alluded to throughout season three of Friends.

They mention the Xerox girl a bunch of times in season three, and then when Monica and Rachel are comforting Chandler when he was going through a rough patch with Janice, Rachel says: “If Janice were a guy, she’d be sleeping with someone else by now.” Several episodes later, Ross sleeps with the xerox girl within hours of ~going on a break~ with Rachel.

8. And this scene ended up coming to pass as well.

In the scene in Friends where Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are wearing wedding dresses just before Ross and Emily’s wedding, they throw the bouquet and Monica catches it. She yells: “I’m getting married next!” And, sure enough, her wedding to Chandler is the next one on the show after Ross and Emily’s.

Later in the scene, Chandler comes over. Monica yells that they can’t let him see them like this, and Phoebe jokes: “Yeah, the groom cannot see the bride!” Three seasons later, Monica and Chandler get married.

9. Plus, the music from the scene where Rachel and Ross kiss for the first time in Central Perk is the same music that plays in the series finale where they kiss after she gets off the plane.

10. The last words Saul spoke in Breaking Bad came to be his future in Better Call Saul.

Saul’s final words in Breaking Bad are how, in a “best case” scenario, he would be a “manager of a Cinnabon in Omaha.” Then, in the first episode of Better Caul Saul, he’s doing exactly that.

11. And these Breaking Bad episode titles literally spelled out the plane crash before it happened.

The first, fourth, 10th and 13th episodes of season two of Breaking Bad all have black and white teaser intros. When you combine the titles of these four episodes, you get Seven Thirty-Seven / Down / Over / ABQ. We should have seen that plane crash coming.

12. The identity of Gossip Girl wasn’t that mysterious after all.

This absolutely blew my mind and I didn’t catch it until I watched Gossip Girl for a second time. In the first episode, and the first time we hear Gossip Girl say: “XOXO Gossip Girl,” Dan is literally sitting in front of his computer…typing. When Jenny walks in and asks him what he’s doing, he slams the laptop shut in fear. ~Coincidentally,~ as soon as Jenny walks out, she gets a notification that Gossip Girl just posted something. They literally told everyone within the first few minutes of the first episode who Gossip Girl was, and no one noticed!

13. There was a hint about how Sam’s mother died all the way back in season one of Supernatural.

In season one, when Sam and Dean encounter their mother’s ghost, she tells Sam: “I’m sorry.” He has no clue what she’s talking about until season five, when we find out that she made a deal with the demon Azazel, leading to her death and Sam being cursed his entire life.

14. Dawn’s introduction in season five of Buffy The Vampire Slayer actually began in season three.

During a dream sequence at the end of season three, Faith says: “Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0” – Little Miss Muffet being Dawn and 730 being the amount of days to the day that Dawn is meant to die. Then, in the middle of season four, Faith says: “Little sis coming,” seemingly in reference to herself waking from her coma, but actually about Dawn’s imminent arrival. Then, at the end of season four, Buffy sees a clock that says 7:30, and Tara points out “that clock’s all wrong,” since there are no longer 730 days until the day Dawn should have died as a year has passed since the end of season three.
So elaborate. So brilliant.

15. The symbolism of this gruesome scene in the first episode Game of Thrones told us exactly what to expect in the future.

In season one episode one of Game of Thrones, the Starks find a stag and a direwolf dead on the road, killed by one another. The direwolf and the stag are the sigils of the houses Baratheon and Stark. By the end of the season, Ned Stark (the direwolf) and Robert Baratheon (the stag) are both dead. Also, the stag leaves the six direwolf pups without a mother. By killing Ned Stark, the six stark children are left fatherless like the pups.

16. Scully’s cancer was foreshadowed in season four of The X-Files – multiple episodes before it was diagnosed.

In the second episode of season four, Scully is strapped to a chair by a crazed man who is looking to lobotomise women because he sees “the howlers” in their heads that make them crazy. When he points to where Scully’s is, it’s right in the centre of her forehead, in-between her eyes. Flash-forward to episode 14 when Scully finds out she has cancer, the X-ray of her head shows that her cancer growth is exactly where he pointed.

17. George asking: “We’re gonna survive this, right?” in the first ever episode of Grey’s Anatomy was a huge hint that he would become the only MAGIC member to die.

I cannot believe that as many times as I’ve re-watched Grey’s, it NEVER registered until I read this comment that the first letters of the names Meredith, Alex, George, Izzy, and Christina spell MAGIC!

18. This throw-away line in Agents of Shield ended up having a very serious twist later on.

In season one episode seven, Agent Ward and Fitz are on a mission where they get caught. Ward asks Fitz a couple of questions to assess his ability to escape, including: “How long can you hold your breath under water?” In the season finale, Ward is revealed to be a double agent, and tries to kill Fitz and Simmons by dumping them in the ocean in a sealed container. Fitz makes Simmons take the available oxygen before they leave the container, so his only survival is how long he can hold his breath underwater. It’s a truly gut-wrenching twist and I can never get over the foreshadowing in that first scene when we thought it was just humorous dialogue.

19. And this comment in Secret Life of the American Teenager had devastating repercussions.

Ben has sex with Adrian and Ricky says they’re even. Ben says they’re not even unless Adrian has his baby. Ricky then says: “If Adrian has your baby someone really will die”. Ben and Adrian end up losing the baby in child-birth.

20. Buster losing his hand to the seal in Arrested Development was alluded to many times before it happened.

Gob’s wife being a seal trader and losing a seal, Buster’s hand chair (where he literally says “wow I never thought I’d miss a hand so much”), his seal stuffed animal, the “loose seal” “Lucille” connection, and when he sits on the bench that says “arm off”. That show was BRILLIANT.

21. And, finally, the mother’s name in How I Met Your Mother was revealed in season one.

They literally reveal the mother’s name in the first season without anyone noticing. Ted meets a stripper whose stage name is Amber. She then introduces herself by her real name – Tracy. Ted then jokingly says to his children: “And that, kids, is how I met your mother.” The kids freak out before he tells them it’s a joke. In the finale, we find out that the mother’s name is Tracy McConnell.


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