Kaley Cuoco ‘Spending Thousands’ On Fashion Makeover After ‘Big Bang Theory’ Finale

Kaley Cuoco ‘Spending Thousands’ On Fashion Makeover After ‘Big Bang Theory’ Finale

Kaley Cuoco never embraced high fashion and felt more comfortable in yoga pants and T-shirts, but those days are over as she weighs her next move. She’s been strongly urged to sit down with designers and develop a game plan for her look going forward if she wants to be taken seriously in meetings,” an insider exclusively told RadarOnline.com.  Now that Cuoco’s moving on to other acting projects, her advisors want her to ditch her dowdy style and glam up! “She’s spending thousands on the latest couture and all the accessories that go with it,” said the source. “It still makes her feel awkward, but with The Big Bang Theory over, she’s willing to turn over a new leaf. She has enough money to retire, but she wants to keep working.”

Kaley-Cuoco-Spending-Thousands-On-Fashion-Makeover-02.jpg (1380×880)

Newlywed Bliss

Kaley-Cuoco-Spending-Thousands-On-Fashion-Makeover-03.jpg (1380×880)

Baby Fever

Kaley-Cuoco-Spending-Thousands-On-Fashion-Makeover-04.jpg (1380×880)

New Ring, New Me!

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A-Lister Status

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Hollywood Habits

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Total Makeover

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