How I Met Your Mother: The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

How I Met Your Mother came out strong with a solid first season, but it wasn’t the highlight of the show’s run. From the second season onwards, the sitcom truly reached its potential. And plenty of credit should be given to the characters the series added.
Some of the funniest and most interesting people didn’t appear until the debut year was over. Several of them became recurring figures, while a few just turned up for a handful of episodes. Yet, these characters’ impact on HIMYM was substantial.

Steve ‘The Blitz’ Henry

The Blitz only appeared in two episodes of the series, with the second being a cameo. However, the character made a big impression in his limited screen time. From his incredible spells of bad luck to his chirpy attitude, Steve was always entertaining.

Quinn Garvey

As far as Barney’s girlfriends go, Quinn was one of the best. She entered the show partway through season seven and had great chemistry with Stinson. She was cool, fiercely independent, and deceitful.


Nora was a recurring character during the sixth and seventh seasons. She was an important figure in the development of Barney as her unwillingness to put up with his lies forced him to be a better man, and she was a more positive influence on him than any of his other exes, even Robin.

William Zabka

Celebrities playing warped versions of themselves are usually one-episode things, but William Zabka featured in seven. He didn’t overstay his welcome, though, as he was a constant source of entertainment. Jokes about his career as a bad guy and his surprisingly cultured tastes were great.


HIMYM characters don’t get much more lovable than Patrice. Robin’s co-worker entered the series in the seventh season and stuck around until the end. Her continually upbeat and wholesome attitude made her very likable. Plus, she was arguably the nicest person in the entire show.

Randy Wharmpess

Watching someone continually mess up isn’t good in real life, but it’s funny in the TV world. Randy Wharmpess was HIMYM’s resident screw-up during his two appearances in the show and his awkwardness with women and clumsiness at work was hilarious to watch.

Brad Morris

Marshall’s lawyer friend Brad was a recurring figure in the second season and then made multiple guest appearances for the rest of the series. Brad wasn’t always the most likable secondary character in How I Met Your Mother, as he screwed over Marshall more than once.

James Stinson

When introduced in season two, James and Barney had almost identical personalities. Their similarities could’ve caused issues, but James’ transformation into a family man made him unique. Plus, it contributed to Barney’s arc, as it was an early sign that the younger Stinson could also settle down one day.

The Captain

The Captain was a beloved member of How I Met Your Mother’s supporting cast during the later seasons. His main personality trait was his obsession with boats and sailing, and his common use of boating expressions was a consistently funny running joke.

Tracy McConnell

After the first season, Tracy McConnell was the only true addition to the main cast. As the mysterious mother, she had a lot to live up to because Ted had been talking about how great she was for eight seasons before she entered the show.

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