5 Nicest Things Barney Ever Did For The Gang

Barney was probably HIMYM’s best character. His convoluted shenanigans may have annoyed the group, but he usually meant well for the gang.

The gang from How I Met Your Mother were the closest of friends and, by their own admission, considered each other family. Although Ted, Marshall, and Lily all met each other in college, Barney and Robin were the newest members of the gang. Barney’s introduction was particularly funny as he acted as though he had known Ted and Marshall for years.
This self confidence went on to define Barney for the whole of the show’s run, and we loved him for it. However, it did mean that he could be a little selfish at times but with Barney being Barney, he always made sure his friends never hurt for long.

1.He Brought Lily And Marshall Back Together

Lily and Marshall are the power couple of HIMYM. There wasn’t a season that went by where these two lovebirds didn’t support each other. However, early on in the series, Lily suffered some major doubts about marrying Marshall and ran away to San Francisco to enroll in a painting class and called off the wedding.

During this time, Ted and Barney tried to help Marshall get over Lily. Or at least, Ted tried to help. For all his nonchalance and bravado, Barney was secretly devastated that his two best friends broke up and went out of his way to ensure that Marshall was still single when Barney visited Lily to persuade her to come back home.

2.He Cured The Gang’s Hangovers

Barney could be an incredibly annoying friend, whether he was impersonating you on a night out, or ruining your bachelor party. However, all these antics just hid how much he really cared for all of his friends. The gang only truly learned this in HIMYM’s ninth season when they tried to revive Barney from the worst hangover of his life.

They realized the cure was Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir, which Barney made for them every single time one of them got smashed out of their minds. They attempted to recreate the elixir, only for Barney to reveal that love was the secret ingredient.

3.Dressed Up As His Doppelgänger To Encourage Marshall And Lily To Try For A Baby

Barney’s main defining trait on the show was that he was the biggest commitment-phobe that ever walked the Earth. He despised any and all kinds of marriage and the thought of having a baby with someone was his idea of Hell.

Therefore, no one was surprised when he objected to Lily and Marshall when they revealed they wanted to have a baby. However, Lily then decided she wasn’t ready to have a baby and Marshall fervently agreed. Realizing that his friends were just scared, Barney dressed up as his doppelgänger to act as a sign for Lily that she was ready to start trying.

4.Asked For Ted’s Permission To Propose To Robin

The first time Barney slept with Robin, he didn’t tell Ted and as a result, their friendship took a massive hit. Thankfully, Ted forgave him and Barney learnt his lesson. In Season 8, Robin had begun to develop feelings for Barney again but he was in a relationship with her co-worker Patrice, who Robin despised.

Knowing that Barney was about to propose to Patrice, Ted told Robin where he was so that she could stop him. Little did anyone know that this was all a ruse and Barney was actually proposing to Robin, sneakily gaining Ted’s blessing during the whole facade.

5.His Proposal To Robin

Barney’s proposal gets an entire entry to itself just because of how epic and adorable it was. While Barney is no stranger to taking things to a whole new level, this one took literally everyone by surprise.

The last time Robin and Barney were together was in Season 5 and even three years later, the two had never reconciled. However, Barney’s feelings for Robin never dissipated and so after some encouragement from the Mother, Barney began planning his proposal. He asked Patrice to help him out, knowing that this would make Robin determined to stop their ‘engagement’ and even got Ted’s permission, showing how well he knew Robin and his determination to do this the right way.

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