15 Reasons Robin Scherbatsky From “HIMYM” Is The Absolute Best

1. She’s adorable.

2. And sexy as hell.

3. She’s all ears.

4. And she loves handing out truth facts.

5. Her love for Patrice is truly beautiful.

6. Except when it’s not. But her distain for Patrice is truly hysterical.

7. She knows what’s important in life.

8. She is all of us when we’re eating something good.

9. She’s never too cool for school.

10. She is tough.

11. And she’ll call you out on your crappy behavior.

12. She’s not at all over dramatic.

13. She doesn’t like showing her softer side to just anyone.

14. Because she’s incredibly professional.

15. She’s Robin freakin’ Sparkles, a Canadian treasure.

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