21 Times Robin Scherbatsky Was The Best “How I Met You Mother” Character

1. When she was honest about who she truly is as a person:

2. When she handled her breakup with Don really well…

3. …like really, really well:

4. When she showed us what a lady looks like:

5. When she revealed what her heart wants more than anything in this world…

6. …which, to be clear, is to destroy her enemies:

7. When she crossed two things off her to-do list at once:

8. When she was there for Marshall the only way she knew how to be:

9. When she was ready for intimacy:

10. When she was pretty freakin’ good at coming up with New Year’s resolutions:

11. When she had her priorities straight:


12. And when she threatened Ted and his red cowboy boots:

13. When she said the damn truth about babies:

14. When she definitely wasn’t crude at all:

15. When she wasn’t about to deal with someone’s bad flirting:

16. When she basically proved that she’s J.K. Rowling:

17. When she compromised for her friend:

18. When she said the thing we’re all thinking at all times:

19. When she made a solid case for herself:

20. When she knew who her real partner in life is:

21. And finally, when she was the mall pop star we all needed her to be:

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