How I Met Your Mother: 10 Times Barney Should Have Been Fired

Barney’s job is a long-running mystery in How I Met Your Mother; every time anyone asks what he does for a living, Barney simply laughs and says “please.” Of course, it turns out that this actually is his answer – ‘PLEASE’ is an acronym and stands for ‘provide legal exculpation and sign everything.’
Throughout the series, it is clear that Barney does not care much about his job, nor does he have a good work ethic. He is the only main character with few career aspirations – he simply goes to work and gets paid a lot of money for it. There are a lot of times in the show when the audience knows Barney really should have been fired, as well as a couple of times he actually is very nearly fired.

When Barney Wrote His Prenup At Work

Upon Barney and Quinn’s engagement, Arthur warns Barney that he should get a prenup. Although Barney and Quinn’s relationship was doomed from the start, the prenup was the final nail in their coffin.

When Barney Did Not Speak For At Least A Day

Having been hit by a bus after ignoring the rules of being jinxed, when Barney is jinxed again he takes it very seriously. Barney explains that he is late to work because he cannot tell his taxi driver where to go, cannot explain why he is late to work to his boss, and then accidentally agrees to work the following Sunday because he is not able to object.

When Barney Encouraged Blauman To Urinate On The Conference Table

When Gary Blauman has enough of being yelled at, he decides to urinate on the conference table in order to show Bilson what he thinks of the company. However, Blauman struggles to follow through with the act, asking his colleagues to look away. Barney then proceeds to pour water from one glass into another to help Blauman follow through.

When Barney Created A Fake Task Force For Ted

When the plans for Ted’s new GNB headquarters are scrapped, Barney and Marshall create a fake task force for Ted to prevent telling him the truth. This is an instance, not just when Barney should have been fired (and Marshall too), but when Barney was a bad friend in How I Met Your Mother.

When Barney Had ‘Conference Calls’

Another time when Barney, and Marshall, should have been fired, was when they drink beer together at work. One simply drops into the other’s office and says it is time for the ‘conference call’ and then they go up to the roof and drink beer together.

When Barney Told Arthur To Fire Him

There are actually a couple of times in How I Met Your Mother when Barney is nearly fired for real. When Ted threatens to say that The Arcadian should be a landmark at a big meeting to decide the fate of the building, Arthur recalls Barney telling Arthur to fire him (Barney) if Ted is not great at the job.

When Barney Lost Millions Of Dollars

The other instance in How I Met Your Mother when Barney does very nearly lose his job is when a big merger falls through for the company Barney works for and he is blamed for it.

When Barney Let Lots Of Mice Loose In The Office

Having engaged in a prank war with Clark Butterfield, who works in the office opposite Barney’s, Barney coerces Marshall to help him with his next attack. The two plan on sending Clark a cardboard box filled with mice, however, the mice chew through the cardboard while still in Barney’s office and escape.

When Barney Colluded With The Feds

In the final season of How I Met Your Mother, Barney’s mysterious job is finally explained. It transpires that all the while working at GNB, Barney wanted to bring down Greg, who ‘stole’ his girlfriend years prior.

All The Times When Barney Sexually Harassed Women

How I Met Your Mother sees Barney sexually harassing or being inappropriate with countless women in all kinds of different situations, including in a work setting. Barney even boasts about how many sexual harassment cases at work he has won.


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