How I Met Your Mother: 10 Moments That Foreshadowed Barney And Robin’s Divorce

Ted’s journey to find love might have been the premise of How I Met Your Mother, but another romance managed to steal the spotlight. Fans became invested in Barney and Robin’s unexpected relationship and watched as it evolved into an ongoing storyline.
There were multiple plot twists that everyone saw coming in How I Met Your Mother, but Barney and Robin’s split left fans stunned. Because the entirety of the last season took place over the couple’s wedding weekend, it seemed like the show was dedicated to giving them a happy ending. The divorce originally seemed to come out of nowhere, but looking back on it, there were several moments that foreshadowed Robin ending up with Ted.

Ted Shows Up For Robin At The Park

It’s later revealed that both men showed up for Robin at the park, but when and why they did was important. While Barney was off playing laser tag with Robin’s father, Ted skipped a big meeting directly after getting Robin’s phone call. Ted knew that “no, it’s stupid,” meant that whatever was going on with Robin was important.

Barney Talks To Marshall About Marriage

As Barney stated several times in the show, he wasn’t monogamous. Even if he did settle down and get married, Barney told Marshall that he would still have sex with other girls. His breakup speech to Wendy the Waitress was based on him needing to be with multiple women.

James Gets A Divorce

Barney’s brother helped him finally come around to the idea of marriage through his relationship with Tom. James and Tom made Barney believe in true love and he was especially enthusiastic to find out that they adopted a child.

Ted Finds Robin’s Locket

Ted finding Robin’s locket was a huge red flag for Barney and Robin’s relationship. How I Met Your Mother emphasized the importance of destiny, and while they often tried to fight it, things were always going to turn out the way they were meant to.

Barney Tries To Cheat On Robin With Lily

Since it’s played off as a joke, viewers tend to overlook a disturbing moment that takes place at Barney’s bachelor party. Marshall tells Barney that he’s going to fulfill one of his requests, and his response is one among many Barney Stinson quotes that haven’t aged well in How I Met Your Mother.

Ted And Barney’s Letters

To serve as a reminder of why neither of them should get back with Robin, Ted and Barney wrote letters to their future selves. However, they both said drastically different things. Barney wrote about how he and Robin don’t work as a couple, which was exemplified when their relationship made them both miserable.

Robin Has Doubts Before The Wedding

It’s normal to get cold feet before a wedding, but Robin had been uncertain about Barney for a decent amount of time. There was something about Ted she couldn’t shake, and the reasons why she should be with him continued to grow up until the ceremony.

Ted Doesn’t Return The Blue French Horn

The blue French horn is among the most important objects in How I Met Your Mother, and it played an active role throughout the series. Ted stole the instrument on his first date with Robin, and they were forced to give it back the night their relationship ended.

Marshall Won’t Give Up On The Bet

Marshall knows Ted better than anyone, and he always believed that he and Robin were going to find their way back to each other. On the day that Ted stops clinging to the hope of being with Robin, he walks outside and sees a world full of yellow umbrellas. If this was the ending shot, it would have been a good indicator that Ted was no longer an obstacle in Barney and Robin’s relationship.

Victoria Realizes Ted Will Always Love Robin

Victoria has always been an insightful character, and as much as she wanted to believe otherwise, she knew that Ted would never be able to let go of Robin for good. It’s the reason why their relationship didn’t work out, and it’s the reason why none of Ted’s other relationships lasted either.

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