How I Met Your Mother: 8 Characters Who Left The Show Too Soon

Thankfully, the main cast of How I Met Your Mother stuck together until the end of the series. Ted told the story of how he met the mother to its completion and all of the actors were along for the ride during the sitcom’s nine seasons. Although they weren’t featured as heavily, the secondary characters also played a large part in the show’s success, and often stuck around from start to finish.
Characters such as Carl the Bartender and Wendy the Waitress continued to pop in and out of the series and even into flashforwards, but others only had a short arc before leaving the show for good. They were missed by fans and could’ve been better utilized if How I Met Your Mother had given them a longer run.


Brittney Spears is one of the best cameos in How I Met Your Mother and she appeared in the third season of the show. Her character, Abby, who was Stella’s receptionist, is much more interesting than Ted’s ex-fiance. Sadly, she was only in three episodes, one of which didn’t show her face. Abby was full of great one-liners, and she was at the center of one of the show’s ongoing mysteries.


Nora appeared in a total of ten episodes, most of which were in the sixth and seventh seasons, and caught Barney off guard. The majority of the audience wanted Barney to get back together with Robin, so it came as a surprise that Nora was such a good fit for him. She wasn’t like most of the other women Barney dated, but it’s what made her so refreshing.

Marvin Eriksen

The mother’s death is the only moment that can compete for the most heartbreaking moment in the show. However, while fans didn’t see the direct aftermath of Tracy’s passing, Marshall broke down when Lily delivered the news about his father. Marvin was in a total of twelve episodes of the series, but those featured after How I Met Your Mother Season 6 were flashbacks.

Quinn Garvey

Quinn was worth a lot more than her relationship with Barney, although she probably should have ended up with him at the end of How I Met Your Mother. She appeared in ten episodes in the seventh and eighth seasons, but she could’ve easily been incorporated into more. Quinn fit right in with the gang, and she’s one of the most memorable guest stars.

Don Frank

Don appeared in a total of six episodes during the show’s fifth season and it’s surprising how likable he was. Don was one of Robin’s best love interests in How I Met Your Mother, even though it took a long time for Robin to warm up to her co-anchor.

Brad Morris

Brad was only in seven episodes which were scattered throughout the series. He made a lasting impression because of the way he and Marshall played off of each other. Their friendship had its ups and downs, and there was a point when they both thought the other was in love with them.

Zoey Pierson

Zoey’s romance with Ted correlated with her time on the show, and she was featured in a total of 13 episodes. Their storyline took place during How I Met Your Mother Season 5, but she did make a cameo in the final season. It could be argued that Zoey was Ted’s best love interest in the series, but, sadly, she didn’t stick around long after their breakup.


Technically, Daphne should have joined the show earlier. She was a hilarious addition to How I Met Your Mother Season 9 and Marshall’s cross-country road trip companion. It’s hard to believe she was only featured in nine episodes, as her humor made such a big impact on the tone of the sitcom.

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