Friends: 5 Storylines That Fans Would Cut If They Could (& 5 They Wish Had Been Expanded)

When a sitcom is on the air for as long as Friends, there’s a fine line between keeping fans happy and trying something new. While some storylines worked out well with fans, as many people enjoyed seeing Monica and Chandler date, others were met with some resistance. And although opinions on these character and story arcs are subjective, many people who love Friends tend to agree on most aspects of the 10-season show.
Friends fans have strong views about what they loved and hated seeing on the popular sitcom, and they’re currently sharing their thoughts on Reddit these days. While there were some plots that viewers think could use more screen time, other things could have been omitted.

Cut: Joey Learns French

Though Joey was a comedic icon on Friends, Reddit user Lassie93 didn’t like watching “Joey speaking French” and posted that it was the, “Worst joke ever.”

Expanded: Joey And Chandler’s Pets

Reddit user Ilikepieguy123 liked “the little Chick and Duck fiasco Chandler and Joey had going on” and continued, “The episodes with them in it seemed a lot more lighter than others and while they are animals that have no lines, I find them to be my favourite characters/actors (?)”

Cut: Joey And Rachel’s Relationship

Putting Joey and Rachel together was one of the most infamous decisions in Friends hisotry. Case in point, Reddit user aps131997 said that “Joey and Rachel” have one of the worst storylines on the popular sitcom.

Expanded: Seeing Monica And Chandler Fall In Love

For Reddit user GreyStagg, Monica and Chandler’s relationship was a great idea. They wrote, “It breathed new life into the show and gave it a very fresh focus. It came at exactly the right time too. Watching it for the first time was exciting to see this development.”

Cut: Chandler’s Move To Tulsa

For Reddit user MaterialAd3277, it’s not much fun watching Chandler and Monica live apart from each other. The fan wrote that they felt that season 9 was weak “because the Joey/Rachel thing was so awkward, chandler was in Tulsa and overall the season just felt uneven in terms of episode quality.”

Expanded: Monica And Richard Could Date Longer

Reddit user Lunettos posted, “I loved Monica with Richard, everything about it was very realistic. I think she should have chosen him over Chandler.”

Cut: Ross And Emily’s Marriage

Emily is one of the least popular characters to ever appear on Friends. Reddit user mandie72 wrote, “I disliked the entire Emily storyline” and asked, “What did she expect marrying someone after 6 weeks?”

Expanded: Chandler’s Roommate Eddie

For Reddit user 15millionreddits, Eddie is a great part of the show: “Favorite storyline are the episodes involving Eddie. It cracks me up everytime, and the acting is done really well.”

Cut: Seeing Rachel And Her Sister Jill Together

Reddit user lovevibes doesn’t like when Jill comes to visit Rachel as “that’s where Rachel’s obnoxious anger reached an all time high.”

Expanded: Phoebe And Rachel Living Together

After Rachel was forced to move out of Monica’s apartment (when she and Chandler moved in together), she shacked up with Phoebe instead, and many fans took to this storyline. Reddit user Skeeter_ABQ can attest to this, as they like “when Phoebe and Rachel are roomates.”

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