35 TV Characters Who Deserved Better Endings Than The Ones They Got

1. Justin Foley from 13 Reasons Why

“He had the best character development on 13 Reasons Why and there was just no reason for his death. I’m still asking myself why the writers did this!”

2. Tara Maclay from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“She had so much character growth. Tara became confident and strong enough to leave Willow when their relationship wasn’t working. She went through so much in the series and was so loving to Dawn and supportive of Buffy. She deserved a happy ending with the woman she loved.”

3. Poussey Washington from Orange Is the New Black

“Poussey Washington’s death was the most hurtful death on television. I was a mess for days. Not only did she deserve a happy ending, she also had good opportunities planned for herself too.”

4. Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars

“Logan freaking Echolls. He had such amazing growth throughout the series, but for some reason the writers didn’t think Veronica could grow with him. So, instead of making them break up, they killed him off in the last 10 minutes of Season 4. This is a series that only made it past Season 3 because of the fans, and now the fans are pissed off. It was a horrible way to end the character and the show.”

5. Lexie Grey from Grey’s Anatomy

“Lexie Grey was the best character on Grey’s. She didn’t deserve to die so tragically. She belonged with Mark and they should have had kids and she should’ve been a neurosurgeon. I still sob from her death. I realized months ago that Lexie said to Mark once, ‘When I’m hurt I would want someone to stroke my hair’ and when Lexie was dying Mark was stroking her hair and that just makes it so sad. If Lexie was still alive (and with Mark), the show would be good again.”

6. Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy

“This is the hill I’m willing to die on. His character still had so much more story and I wanted to see him and Jo starting their family and continuing to fall in love with each other. He deserved his happy ending with Jo, not Izzie.”

7. Quentin Fields from One Tree Hill

“I sobbed and bawled my eyes out after he died. Quentin had a great character arc that really resembled Nathan’s from Season 1, and he had such a close bond with Nathan, Haley, and Jamie. He ended up being a lovable and great guy, but he didn’t get to live the life he dreamed of. It was just truly heartbreaking. Quentin’s entire ending was so sad and he deserved to live the life he always wanted.”

8. Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls

“The writers did her so dirty by making her get pregnant with twins at such a young age after having sex ONE time! She always dreamed about being famous and was well on her way to having an amazing music career, but she never got the opportunity to leave Stars Hollow.”

9. Bob Newby from Stranger Things

“Bob did not deserve to be Demodog dinner. Considering how new his relationship was with Joyce and the fact that Will was not his responsibility, he had every reason to leave when things got complicated, but he stayed and fought for them. He literally died for them. Bob deserved a better ending than getting ripped to shreds and nothing will ever change my mind.”

10. Alexei from Stranger Things

“I hope he’s getting as many cherry Slurpees as possible in heaven.”

11. Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead

“I stopped watching after his death, so I don’t know how Maggie’s doing, but they both deserved as much happiness as one can get during a zombie apocalypse.”

12. Forty Quinn from You

“He was the sweetest and didn’t deserve his cruel fate.”

13. Lance Sweets from Bones

Sweets bleeding out and telling Booth that he fought and that the world is a lot better than Booth thinks

“He spent a lot of time and energy helping his friends find their way to a happy ending, and he was finally going to be a husband and father, which is all he dreamed of, but then he was killed. Sweets brought a joy and lightness to the show that was never able to be replicated by any other character.”

14. Missandei from Game of Thrones

Missandei saying "Dracarys" before dying

“Missandei DID NOT deserve to die like that in Season 8. The writers already did her dirty by hardly giving her any significant lines and screentime despite her being one of Dany’s closest friends. The least they could have done was let her live.”

15. Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones

Jaime assuring Cersei that nothing else matters but them, before they are buried alive
“Now, don’t get me wrong, I hated this guy at the beginning of the series, but I really liked him in the later seasons. It was great to see him evolve during Season 3, and finally break free of Cersei in Season 7. I can’t believe the series ended with him just going back to her and dying together in the end. He deserved so much more than to lose his entire character arc.”

16. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Daenerys asking Jon to "break the wheel together," and then Jon stabbing her
“It wasn’t fair that her character was written into turning into the Mad Queen. I don’t dislike the final season, but it wouldn’t have been hated as much if what happened to her just didn’t.”

17. Lexa from The 100

Lexa dying and Clarke telling her, "May we meet again"
“She was smart and open-minded, and crucial to Skaikru’s survival. Lexa was willing to go against the wishes of all her people and risk her authority and her life by making a peace agreement with Skaikru. She was also great for LGBTQ representation. She deserved better.”

18. Lincoln from The 100

Lincoln whispering "May we meet again" to Octavia before Pike kills him
“Lincoln always put himself before everyone else and sacrificed himself to make sure his people would be okay. He should’ve gotten a happy ending.”

19. Nairobi from Money Heist

Gandía shooting Nairobi in the head
“All she wanted was to see her son and when she finally had the chance to see him, she was shot and almost died. Then, she survived this, only to be killed later on. Her death scene hit hard because it was so brutal and because she didn’t deserve it. The Professor promised her another child, but sadly that will never happen. She was one of my favorites and I hate how tragic her story was.”

20. Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural

Sam and Dean finding Charlie dead in the bathtub
“She was one of my favorite characters, and her death was so brutal. She was the first female character I loved because there was no awkward romance with her and the brothers.”

21. Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie promising to travel the world and be happy, and Enzo looking after her
“Bonnie Bennett deserved better. She did so much for her friends, she sacrificed everything for them, and when she finally met a person who loved her unconditionally, they decided to kill him for absolutely no reason. Bonnie traveling the world while Enzo is ‘looking out’ for her is a shitty excuse to cover up the horrible way they messed up Bonnie and Enzo’s storyline.”

22. Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Stefan reuniting with Elena after he died and explaining why he let Damon live
“First off, there was no reason for him to die. If anything, both brothers should have died to save Elena and the town. The writers killed Stefan as a way to prompt Damon and Elena. Secondly, all Stefan wanted in life was to be human again and he was robbed of that! He spent the whole show being selfless and atoning for his mistakes, yet he still got screwed in the end for no reason! Forever my biggest loss on TV and I will forever be bitter about it.”

23. Allison Argent from Teen Wolf

Allison dying in Scott's arms and telling him that she will always love him
“She was so young and all she wanted to do was save her friends. Her story could’ve evolved so much more. Her death was incredibly sad and powerful. The impact it had on the other characters was written so well, but she deserved more.”

24. Opie Winston from Sons of Anarchy

Opie looking at Jax one last time before dying
“I know what happened to him happened because it affected Jax’s story, but still! It was horrible.”

25. Jin-Soo Kwon from Lost

Jin telling Sun, "I won't leave you" before they both drown
“He tried and developed so much for Sun, only to die a few hours after being reunited, and he never got to meet their daughter.”

26. Cordelia Chase from Angel

Cordelia and Angel sharing a final kiss before Cordelia has him answer the phone
“The show spent the entire time building her character into being lovable, kind, and hilarious. Then, the writers sent her on a ridiculous arc that ended in the most anticlimactic death ever. She didn’t deserve to die, and even if she had to die, it didn’t have to be brushed off after ignoring her character for months.”

27. Tracy McConnell from How I Met Your Mother

Tracy in a hospital bed while Ted reads to her
“The entire series was supposed to be a buildup to Ted meeting Tracy and getting their happy ending together, but the show killed her off as soon as they really introduced her. It made it seem like the Mother was just a throwaway character and once she served her purpose of making Ted a dad because Robin didn’t want/couldn’t have kids, they killed her off so Ted could be with Robin.”

28. Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals

Klaus thanking Elijah for being his brother and loving him right before he dies
“Everyone knows Klaus deserved redemption. I don’t understand why the writers ended his great character arc like this!”

29. Elijah Mikaelson from The Originals

Elijah telling Klaus, "It's been a glorious ride, Niklaus" before dying
“He had no reason to die, and even though he did die, he should have gotten his last dance with Hayley. It hurts.”

30. Hayley Marshall from The Originals

Hayley telling Hope that she needs to leave before Hayley catches fire in the sun
“She was the most badass and loving character on this show and all she cared about was taking care of her daughter. She deserved to get her happy ending with Elijah and Hope, but instead, she was forced to sacrifice herself for her daughter. Elijah and Klaus’s deaths were sad, but at least they had lived long lives. Hayley was still a young mother.”

31. Kalinda Sharma from The Good Wife

Kalinda telling Alicia that she will never see her again
“Kalinda basically carried the show on her back for most of its run and her hasty exit from the show was totally unfair and unsatisfying to longtime viewers. I would have loved to see her get a more definitive and satisfying ending.”

32. Wes Gibbins from How to Get Away With Murder

Wes' dead body and Annalise screaming
“Wes was my favorite character, and killing him off was like killing off the heart of the show. I stopped watching after his character was written off. It just wasn’t the same to me. When I saw Alfred Enoch was returning for the final episode, I was hoping that his character had somehow survived, but I was wrong.”

33. Bonnie Winterbottom from How to Get Away With Murder

Annalise trying desperately to save Bonnie after she's shot
“She went through so much and was finally gaining some stability when she was killed at the last second. I feel like they killed her just so they could have some tragedy in the final episode, but it came out of nowhere and didn’t do her justice.”

34. Mulan from Once Upon a Time

Mulan telling Ruby that she shouldn't wait to tell someone how she truly feels
“She was such a great character and was constantly used as an aid in other characters’ storylines, but barely got her own. She’s one of the best characters on the show and deserved a happy ending.”

35. And finally, Rachel Green from Friends

Ross finding out that Rachel actually got off the plane
“Rachel grew the most out of all of the Friends characters and she really became a better person, an independent woman, and an amazing mother. However, all she got in the end was Ross.”


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