10 Side Characters That Were Way Better Than The Protagonist

1. Janice from Friends.

“Although she’s one of the worst characters ever, she’s also the best!”

2. Andy from Parks and Recreation.

“His improv and one-liners totally stole the show for me.”

3. Winston Bishop on New Girl.

“He’s waay better than every other character on that show, and I’ll die on a hill for this statement.”

4. Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy.

“She had the perfect amount of sass and brutal honesty that never failed to make me laugh. She was by far the best character on the show! A spinoff about her running her own damn hospital would have been absolutely AMAZING!”

5. Sookie from Gilmore Girls.

“She was the best part of Gilmore Girls. I loved seeing a plus-sized character portrayed as beautiful, smart, talented, and witty. In a TV era where plus sized women were usually the butt of the joke OR their weight was a recurring storyline, it was NEVER an issue with Sookie and didn’t define her. She was perfect and adorable and I would’ve loved for her story and sweet, positive character to be the central part of a show.”

6. And Paris Geller, Rory’s frenemy from Gilmore Girls.

“She was intelligent, impatient, outspoken, and had absolutely no filter. She was beautifully insecure and way more relatable than Rory – she should’ve been in every episode of the revival.”

7. Matthew from Big Mouth.

“Matthew should have his own show, he’s so funny and I think his story would be a great watch.”

8. Princess Carolyn from Bojack Horseman.

“She is SUCH a great character with the most resilient spirit I have ever seen in anyone. Her struggle to balance her personal and professional life, as well as her toxic relationship with Bojack, make her great to watch. Not to mention, she has pretty dubious morals which makes her flawed and interesting.”

9. River Song from Doctor Who…

“She’s badass, crazy, smart, and had 200 years of adventures so there are definitely a lot of stories to tell. Plus, the Doctor could pop in every now and then!”

10. Kalinda Sharma from The Good Wife.

“Her complex friendship with Alicia, and her wide array of frankly badass skills make her a very interesting to watch character. Not to mention the side plots she was involved in always delivered in terms of excitement and good acting.”


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