Harry Potter: 5 Best Hermione Granger Plans (& 5 The Worst)

If anything is common knowledge about the Harry Potter series, it’s that Hermione Granger is extremely smart. Her intelligence has several ranges as well, with Hermione being both studious and coming up with elaborate as well as spontaneous ideas. However, she wasn’t always the best when it came to this aspect.
There were times when Hermione came up with plans that either weren’t all that great, to begin with, or had extremely flawed execution that made them bad. Of course, she deserves credit where it is due, so it’s worth mentioning the times where she did manage to come up with plans that ultimately saved the day.

Worst: Using Umbridge’s Fireplace To Contact Sirius

This is a fact about Umbridge that book readers know, in that using her office was suggested by Hermione, not by Harry as seen in the movie. Hermione planned for herself and Harry to check for Sirius through the fireplace if he was still in Grimmauld place.

Best: Blackmailing Rita Skeeter To Write For The Quibbler

When it comes to ranking evil characters based on how much they’re hated, Rita Skeeter is a guaranteed inclusion. Hermione caught her in beetle form and forced her to stop writing, but then decided to use her leverage against Rita to her benefit. This involved making Rita write for the Quibbler, a magazine with such a horrible reputation that Umbridge wouldn’t think of banning its use.

Worst: Her Attempts To Expose The Half-Blood Prince

Usually, giving Hermione time to formulate a plan would entail a guaranteed victory on her part. And yet, she had the worst ideas to expose the Half-Blood Prince’s intentions. All her scheming was for naught, as Snape was the one to confess being the prince for Harry to know.

Best: Dumbledore’s Army

In many ways, this plan saved the wizarding world as Harry managed to make extremely powerful members out of Dumbledore’s Army. This led to Neville’s development into a leader and a hero, along with shaping Ginny and Luna out in the same vein.

Worst: To Make Centaurs Attack Umbridge

Since Hermione didn’t explore the grounds as much as Harry, she never truly appreciated just how dangerous Hogwarts was. After being apprehended by Umbridge, Hermione was smart enough to fake a scheme of creating a weapon and leading her to it but had an awful actual plan.

Best: Conceal Harry’s Appearance During Their Journey

This wasn’t just a spur of the moment idea of Hermione’s, as she was always prepared to conceal him in some way. Of course, her smartest one involved jinxing his face when the Snatches arrived, as it got them enough time to stall without the baddies killing Harry.

Worst: Execution Of S.P.E.W.

Fans need to read Goblet of Fire to understand just how much was changed on-screen. The most significant was S.P.E.W., the organization Hermione began to combat abuse against house-elves. The idea was a good one but the execution was awful.

Best: Using Polyjuice Potion To Question Malfoy

While there’s no doubt that pulling such a move should have warranted an expulsion, or maybe even imprisonment, for Hermione, it was no doubt effective. After all, the trio was initially convinced Malfoy was the Heir of Slytherin and had formulated all their plans around this idea.

Worst: Using The Time Turner Indefinitely

It’s still a head-scratcher as to what Hermione’s plan was to do with the Time-Turner if she’d kept it throughout her studies at Hogwarts. Not only was the Time-Turner turning her mad, but she would have also aged greatly had she used it for at least three more years until reaching N.E.W.T. level.

Best: Escape From Lovegood House

Learning more about the Lovegood house is one of the facts about Luna fans like to know. However, more interesting is analyzing how quickly Hermione came up with her ingenious plan to save both Harry and Ron while escaping the house. This happened after Xenophilius had betrayed them to the Death Eaters, with Hermione then putting the invisibility cloak on Ron while ensuring Harry was seen.


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