How I Met Your Mother: Robin’s 8 Most Romantic Gestures

From the very beginning of How I Met Your Mother, Robin had no desire to be in a serious relationship. However, things got complicated when she fell for Ted. The two were complete opposites, as Ted was a hopeless romantic and Robin found his outlook on love to be a bit corny.
She didn’t like the emotional side of relationships, and sharing food with her date forced Robin out of her comfort zone. It’s easy to miss because of how cynical she acts, but there are several gestures that prove Robin is more romantic than she seems.

Giving Barney His Dream Bachelor Party

To an outsider, Barney’s bachelor party would be an act of hatred. Most people would be outraged that their significant other would put them through something so cruel. But Barney isn’t most people, and Robin knows what her fiancée likes better than anyone else.

Kissing Ted On New Year’s Eve

There were several times Ted and Robin were relationship goals in How I Met Your Mother, and they weren’t even a couple for many of their best scenes. In an adorable moment between the two, Robin makes a pact with Ted. Since both of their dates had abandoned them, they agree to kiss each other at midnight.

Tackling A Woman For Barney

This is arguably Robin’s most romantic and selfless gesture, even though Barney had no clue that it happened. After realizing she still had feelings for Barney, Robin sent a girl to chase after him and sabotage Barney’s relationship with Nora, one of his most memorable on HIMYM.

Passing Up Her Dream Job For Don

Robin had always put her career before her love life, so giving up such a massive opportunity to be with Don was one of the biggest signs of her character development. The main characters can be ranked by work ethic in How I Met Your Mother, and there’s no arguing that Robin deserves one of the top spots.

Going To Stop Barney From Proposing To Patrice

Barney never had any intention of proposing to Patrice and their entire relationship was part of Barney’s ploy to propose to Robin, instead. His plan went along without a hitch, and Robin fell right into his trap.

Telling Ted Not To Marry Stella

Ted and Robin had the most complicated relationship in the show. They never got over one another, even when they were convinced they had moved on. Confessing her feelings for Ted at his wedding is one of the most stereotypical moves in the book.

Refusing To Sell Barney’s Apartment

Barney’s apartment is filled with reminders of the kind of person Barney was and always will be. He spent a fortune installing expensive features that helped him get girls to sleep with him, and even some that forcibly eject them from his apartment.

Burying A Locket For Her Future Wedding In Central Park

In a gesture that shocked everyone, Robin buried a locket in Central Park as a teenager with the intention of coming back for it when she got married. The locket wasn’t there when she returned, and this was one of the moments that foreshadowed Barney and Robin’s divorce in How I Met Your Mother.

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